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How Much Does An Electrician Cost In Ireland, Dublin?

The average cost of hiring an electrician in Dublin ranges from  20,000 to  200,000 euros, depending on your electrical project and how long the job will take. An electrician generally charges by the hour, and the price per hour varies between  20,000 Euro and 40,000 Euro although their prices vary depending on your location, for an emergency electrician Dublin price will be some extra because they will do it an emergency, the material used, if they charge an extra price for the travel time and how long the work to be done really takes.

Whether you’re replacing an old ceiling fan, installing a new lamp, or need additional electrical outlets in your room, you will likely want to hire an electrical technician for your project rather than do the work yourself. To help you estimate how much your electrical project will cost, this guide will break down common prices for an electrical project and what is included.

Common electrical problems

Electricians can be hired to add electrical outlets, install a ceiling fan, and more. They can troubleshoot a home’s electrical system to repair shorts and burned out thermals. An electrical technician can rewire a room, an entire house, or help with security systems and some smart home electrical additions.

They are also qualified to install outlets equipped with ground fault circuit interrupters, which are safety devices designed to cut power when it detects an imbalance between incoming and outgoing current.

How much does an electrician charge per hour?

For most electrical projects, an electrician charges by the hour with an average price of  20,000 to  40,000 Euro. Most jobs only take a couple of hours, and many professionals have a minimum service charge for projects. For lighting jobs, professionals are sometimes charged by the project and not by the hour, as these jobs can include ceiling-hung fixtures, recesses, outdoor fixtures, and chandeliers.

Common prices for electrical projects

As with any home improvement job, different electrical services will cost different amounts, in part due to the increased time, labor costs, and materials required to complete them.

Recessed lighting fixtures: 50,000-60,000 Euro per fixture

The price includes the cost of the lamp, labor, transportation, and any necessary materials. Recessed spotlights are a popular type of fixture that recesses into the ceiling with an almost flush look. Most electrical technicians offer a package to provide a whole-house installation discount.

For those rooms that already have electrical cables, a 2×3 professional in Santiago charges between 26,000 and  34,000 Euro for each accessory, including materials and labor, in addition to charging an additional  40,000 to  50,000 Euro per room for those that do not have an electrical source existing. If a professional is doing work in a room that does not have electrical cords for lighting and has to install switches, the average price will be 30,000 to  60,000 Euro per switch.

A professional might have fees starting at 24,000 Euro per fixture to install a recessed spotlight. Fixture costs range from 6,000 to  12,000 Euro each, depending on size and whether the lights are dimmable. The installation price can increase depending on the complexity of the job, plus it can vary depending on where you live, so be sure to get an estimate in your area to determine the actual price of the job.


To use recessed spotlights, you need a certain amount of space above the ceiling, be it an attic or a crawl space. The accessory housing or can comes in two main types, isolation contact, and non-insulated contact.

Insulated Contact Housings are designed to safely contact ceiling insulation without presenting a fire hazard, while Non-Insulated Contact Housings can be used in locations where there are at least 8 centimeters of clearance of any insulation and casing.

Most recessed light fixtures have an automatic reset thermal switch as a safety feature to prevent overheating, but it is still a good idea to select the correct type of housing. Isolation contact devices usually cost slightly more than non-insulated contact devices.

The housings are also classified for installation in new construction or remodeling projects. New construction accessories cost approximately 30% less than those destined for remodeling.

Chandeliers and hanging accessories

Because chandeliers and hanging fixtures involve calculating how high you will hang the light, the height of the ceiling in the room influences the price of the service. Some roofs already have electrical cables for lighting, which helps reduce costs.

Here are two pricing examples for a professional 2×3 pendant light installation:

Standard, lightweight pendant light on a 12 to 12-foot ceiling above a dining table:  38,000 Euro 

300-piece crystal pendant chandelier hanging from a 2.5-meter ceiling that requires four workers to assemble and hang fixture:  200,000 Euro 

Tips for hiring an electrician

You must bear in mind that the total bill of the electrician will have additional expenses integrated into the price per hour that are indicated to cover insurance and general expenses. Always request free estimates when setting the price of the electrical project and look for more than one single estimate. You should also take into account that some professionals may be SEC certified electricians, which means that they are accredited as an installer or inspector authorized by the Superintendency of Electricity and Fuels (SEC).

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