Graphic Pen Tablet – Is It Suitable For Photoshop?

A pen tablet can also be referred to as a drawing tablet or a graphics tablet. It is basically a device that is a natural input, and information found in a stylus pen is converted into it. The stylus pen is handheld and can be used as a paintbrush, a pen, or a pencil by pressing the tip onto the surface of the tablet.

This stylus pen can also be used in place of a mouse.

The pen is mostly used by tablet owning individuals to perform the same function as a mouse connected to a desktop or laptop. It bears a striking resemblance to an artist drawing on paper with a pencil; hence the graphic tablet is the computer that converts the strokes of the drawing into digital data.

The tablet also captures people’s signatures. Illustrators, teachers, photographers, cartoonists, architects, and artists use this device. To answer the question of whether graphic pen tablets can or can’t be used for Photoshop. The answer is yes; one can use a pen tablet for Photoshop. There are available tutorials to help use this device for photoshopping.

There are usually three major steps you need to get acquainted with when using a graphic tablet for Photoshop. The first step is to ensure that you install fundamental drives and programs that will allow for the sensitivity of pen pressure. This allows for better control of brush stroke’s thickness and depth.

Once you have done this, you will begin to notice that the surface of the tablet is proportional to the monitor. Another vital step is to set the right firmness setting as it would enable you to know the pressure needed to draw strokes of different thicknesses.

The final step is to configure your personal Photoshop settings to be able to use it efficiently and effectively. This is actually done by altering the pressure of the pen on the size jitter.

Factors to consider when using a pen tablet

There are pen tablets available for achieving the best result of Photoshop. You need a pen tablet that is greatly sensitive to the pressure you exert on it. This sensitivity usually enables you to draw any line of any thickness quite easily.

You also need a pen tablet that is customizable and is compatible with various operating systems. Furthermore, the pen has to have a high percentage of accuracy as this factor heavily contributes to the quality of the drawing

Additionally, the pen tablet has to have a high-resolution display as this feature usually determines whether or not your drawing would be of premium quality.

Being light in weight is also an added feature that you should consider when buying one as it can be easily anywhere; therefore, if you are suddenly inspired to create art, you can reach in for your pen tablet and draw it.

The best pen tablets for Photoshop which have these features are Wacom Intuos draw, Huion KAMAS GT- 156 HD, and Apple 12.9 inch IPad pro.

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