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Friendspire! The world is different from 50 years ago. Long before the era of the internet, people would find something on their television to watch with the available channels. In the past, it was also about taking a trip to your local Blockbuster and finding the movie you waited for to come on that Blu-ray disc or something for movie night.

When going out to a restaurant, you would have to go to a drive-in or an actual restaurant in your local area.

However, there wasn’t any form of review sites or anything like that. You had to be lucky enough to ask someone who had been there or find out by calling the phone to see what kinds of food they offered.

In today’s world, you aren’t looking for things above. It’s more of what’s available on the internet. From the available streaming services for example. There’s so many out there: Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO. All of these streaming platforms can give recommendations on shows like the ones you’ve watched.

Except, the problem with all of them is they have a high chance of falling into a dilemma called “the Sunday night problem” where you are endlessly scrolling for a show to watch with your family for movie night or simply by yourself.

You can also similarly run into that problem with Restaurant reviews. Even though you are given the options, it can still be difficult to choose. For instance, you are with your family. You guys are trying to decide on a place, but there are so many places to choose from. You end up scrolling upon many restaurants, but you end up eating at home.

The good news with the world today is that there are people out there on the internet who can give reviews & recommendations on the shows that they’ve watched. However, even though you can see many reviews on shows that you want to watch, they’re all opinions from different perspectives. And sometimes, most of these reviews can’t be trusted.

Luckily, there is a sea of reviewers on the internet who are on a platform that is trusted. It’s called Friendspire app.

What’s Friendspire?

Founded by Markus Staarup, Friendspire is a social media app where you can get help/recommendations on anything that comes to mind. Category recommendations include movies, tv shows, restaurants, books, podcasts, and bars.

When using the app, the possibilities and advantages are endless. Have you seen that new show on Netflix and want to find out what the reviews on it are? Use the Friendspire circle to find highly-trusted reviews and recommendations from friends to find out whether the show is worth watching.

There’s a bar that recently opened up. You all want to go but aren’t sure if it’s worth going. Easy. You can find the reflections for that restaurant and decide amongst you and your friends.

How about a podcast you have seen everyone talking about and you want to find out the reviews on it? Friendspire can help you get the reviews out of it.

Friendspire is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Why was Friendspire created?

The vision and idea that Markus, Morten, and the team had in their minds were to create something that everyone could have access to. A web of reliable information from people that you trust: Your friends.

Why should you use Friendspire?

Well, why not? The platform has been trusted by many people and it’s better a platform used by many friend groups. Also, even though you don’t have that many, don’t worry. You will still be able to use the app with the “Best of Everything” section. From anything to movies, Tv shows, podcasts, and restaurants/bars, you will find all the information you need for yourself.

It can also change your life

Using Friendspire can also change your life. You could find books that could change the whole perspective of what you look at in life. It could also be a show, a movie, or a podcast that changes your political ideology.

And with friends, everything is better. Communication and collaboration can’t be done without them in hand. So download today to have access to tons of trusted information for you and the company.

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