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Freehold vs. Leasehold | Comparison One By One

Depends on a long time or short time thinking about the freehold and the leasehold concepts come to. But still, people are not getting the proper idea about this that what will be the best policy for him. Actually among of freehold and the leasehold is depended on your demand. So most of the time people are comes to know the explanation of those both things.

Most of the case people do not have the proper idea about this thing. This is the reason most of the time they take the decision without getting the proper idea about it. Today we are going to inform you of Freehold vs. leasehold and that will helps you to take proper decisions in the future.

Regular Ownership: The word regular ownership means those people who are the permanent owner of a property. If you take the rental or the leasehold deal then you are not the owner of the property. Unless if you have a freehold property then you are considering as the permanent owner. In those cases you will be considered as the total liable person regarding those properties, no matter it is bad or good.

Convenience for business: Such as you have a business where you need to build an industry, there you must need a freehold property. Their leasehold will be a wrong decision. But if the budget of the business will be equal to the price of the property them the right step will be to get lease it from the owner.

Long time plan: For a long time plan you need to make sure that the property is yours. Unless sometimes the rental fees are going to more than its price. But if you have a short time plan then I must suggest for the freehold. In that case, the leasehold plans are too expensive and not good enough to deal going with.

Legal rules: According to the legal rules there is some formality regarding the property. There you will never need to pay the yearly due or tax when you are the leasehold. The owner will be obedient to pay for those things. On another hand when you will be freehold, you need to pay for all the important things regarding your land. Even if there will any obstacle then you need to overcome all those things.

Actually a few days ago when I was talking to my friend about the Apartment for rent in Cambodia. That time he was so confused that what he should do. In that situation, I talked to him and try to know what the very basic demand that he has is. After hearing all his demand I feel like he has got the wrong decision.

At that time I suggest him for buying a flat rather than rent. On a real estate agency in Cambodia there you will have lots of experienced persons who will help you to take the proper decision. Rather talk to them before making your decision. Unless your hurry can be the reason to be a wrong decision that you never want to happen with you.

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