Foodle The Game! Guess The Word With Updated Hint of July 21, 2022

Foodle is one of the best word guessing games in the world that anyone can play online. If you are mad for online word guessing games or puzzle games, then you must have heard about Daily Foodle.

This web-based game was released on 2022-02-15. Within 1 year, the game has built its reputation in the puzzle games world.

Daniel Anyanwoke published the game in 2022 who is a professional software engineer and a famous game developer.

The game is a web-based word guessing game but it is very different from other word guessing games.

This game was developed after getting inspired by Wordle.

The wordle is also a web-based word guessing game that was released by Josh Wardle in October 2021. The game is a word guessing game with six tries. You have six blocks with 5 parts in each. You have to guess a word with 5 alphabets.

You only have 6 tries to guess the word otherwise you will lose the game. If you lose, then refresh the page to start a new game.

If you won, then you have to wait for more than 10 hours to play it again as you can see in the below picture:

Foodle wordle

Foodle the game:

After getting inspired by the Wordle game, Daniel developed this game which is the updated version of the wordle game. In the wordle game, you have to guess a random word but, in Foodle game, you have to guess a food-related word.

For example, Water, spoon, salad, etc. These are all food-related words that are why the name Foodle is a food-based name and the game is also food-based. In short, we can say that Daily foodle is a food word guessing game.

Daily Foodle:

The reason why I am saying Daily Foodle is that the game can only be played one time in a day. The works on a special algorithm that allows updating the desired (guessing word) word daily. If you will play this game within one day a lot of times, you will only guess one word which you have already guessed within 24 hours.

For example, the word is Salad and you have guessed it. Later when you will again play this game within 24 hours, the desired word will be SALAD. The word will update after 24 hours. So, you have to play this game after one day to guess a new word.

Foodle The Game

If you are wondering how to find foodle game, then it s very easy to find. Just search foodle, foodle wordle, foodle unlimited, foodle the game, daily foodle, or foodle game today on Google and you will find the game easily.


Hint for Foodle:

Well, the best way to find out is to play the game. The hint for July 21, 2022, is given below:

Hint 1: The Word starts from S

Hint 2: There are two same alphabets in this word

Hint 3: There is no vowel in this word:

Hint 3: The word ends at D


So, learn these hints and start guessing the word of July 21, 2022.


How to Play Foodle?

The procedure of guessing the word is quite simple. You will see 6 rows having 5 blocks in each. Type any word related to food like water, pizza, etc then the game will highlight a word that comes in the desired word.

For example, if the word is PIZZA and you wrote WATER then the game will highlight the A alphabet of water with yellow color which means that the A comes in the desired word but not in that position where it has in the water.

If you wrote PASTA then it will highlight P and A with green color which means that these words come in the exact position where they are highlighted.

You have six tries to find out the word. So, start finding the word. You can also see the below video to know how to play foodle:

Hope you enjoyed the daily Foodle game. For more interesting content, visit Techniexpert.


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