Everything About The Therapy Of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet-rich plasma or PRP is a hair regrowth treatment that uses the patient’s blood to increase blood flow in the scalp. The blood of humans is divided into two parts; the white blood cells and the plasma. The plasma in the blood helps the growth factor to function correctly. That growth factor, in turn, helps the hair follicles in new hair growth.

This treatment has been becoming popular for the past few years. The PRP treatment in Islamabad is one of the best treatments for hair loss. Many scientists have also spoken in favor of this therapy. It works efficiently in increasing hair growth and hair thickness on bald patches.

Since it is such an effective and secure therapy to get your hair back, we will tell you everything there is about the PRP hair treatment.

How is PRP performed?

The process of PRP therapy is more natural as compared to other hair loss therapies. The method of this treatment involves artificially separating the PRPs from your blood and injecting it into your balding scalp. The blood is drawn from the patient’s arm, and then that blood is put into a centrifuge.

This machine spins the blood and separates all the red blood cells from the plasma. The plasma (only plasma) then injected into your scalp, where the follicles are. The plasma is injected after every half-inch to increase hair is a quick process and performed in half an hour only.

Riskless therapy:

PRP(Platelet-rich plasma) theory might sound scary because of all the blood drawing and injecting, but it isn’t. The process is a painless one and also a quick one. Another good thing about this therapy is that it has almost zero side effects, and the effects it has are all not serious. The patients get this treatment without any numbing injections because the process doesn’t cause pain.

However, there might be a little bruising after the procedure, which will go away in a week.  There is a minimal downtime period of this therapy. You can take warm water showers to enhance the plasma process, and it will also soothe your head.

It works for everyone:

This treatment is diverse and can work for everyone. Everyone who suffers from hair loss can take benefit from this treatment. However, the best results of this treatment are on those people who take action against early balding and the genetic balding (starts from the top of the head). It goes the same for men and women.

The result of PRP hair treatment:

The best and the most long-lasting result of PRP treatment achieved with consistency. The set of PRP hair treatment in Islamabad is performed every month for the first few months, and then it is performed after four months to keep providing nourishment for the scalp. The treatment timing is determined by the result and hair growth rate of each patient. If the hair growth is standard in the first 2-3 months, then the process continues as usual.

You will know that your treatment is working when there are less hair fall and early regrowth of thick hair. Some mild medicines can be taken during the months of therapy to support the treatment and to boost the hair growth process.

PRP(Platelet-rich plasma) hair loss treatment is one of those hair loss solutions, which are medically and scientifically approved, which means that there is a 95% chance that a PRP(platelet-rich plasma) treatment will help you in fighting hair loss. The costs of these treatments depend on an individual therapy session or a full set of sessions.

The cost starts at 700$ and can go up to 1050$. But, the money is worth what you will get out of the treatment; good hair and fantastic self-confidence.

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