Dissertation Writing Samples: The Technological Trends Of 2020

New technological trends emerge every year, dictated by the advancing times and by consumers’ renewed needs. On the other hand, hi-tech is evolving so rapidly that it is now difficult to be surprised by technological progress’s acceleration.

Any sector is affected by this breath of fresh air, and the range is also increasing thanks to digital, which opens up an almost infinite number of doors. Thanks to the network, technological devices can now interface with each other or with software, thanks to the sensors, generating new options such as home automation, IoT, and smart cities. It is, therefore, worthwhile to go and study the most promising hi-tech trends of this 2020.

From sensors to autonomous mobility

The future cars will drive themselves and succeed in this mission thanks to the various smart sensors installed onboard. Today, sensors represent one of the liveliest and advanced technological trends resulting from new research and development investments every year.

Thanks to these intelligent detectors, more and more advanced and futuristic results can be achieved one day. For example, reference is made to autonomous drones capable of delivering packages without a human hand’s guidance. There are plenty of bars, and they vary from sector to sector: mention home automation and smart homes, the increasingly advanced and interconnected intelligent cities.

The hi-tech news in gaming and gambling

New technologies are also having a strong impact in the gaming sector and the gambling niche. An example above all is the live mode, which allows players to connect life and home to an entire game room via a circuit of cameras. In summary, you have the option to stay at the computer without giving up the thrill of live gambling.

Classic gaming software such as slots does not take a back seat, and from this point of view, too digital plays its part not only in terms of graphics but also in terms of information. You can find various insights on the Internet, such as this complete guide to how slot machines work. The sector blogs offer numerous articles, wisdom, and reviews, very valuable for passionate users and newbies.

Technological prostheses and the Augmented Human

In recent years, technology has also found its actual application in medicine, especially when it comes to the creation of prostheses, such as mechanical arms. It is a sector recently baptized with the “Augmented Human” label, which perfectly conveys the idea: hi-tech used to enhance human possibilities or to replicate organs to perfection, as in the case of synthetic leather.

The possible applications in this sector are practically endless, and in 2020, there will probably be new options and new steps forward. At the moment, studies on the enhancement of human intelligence are even underway.

The UK and digital transformation

This time, we enter the field of companies and digital transformation, which has experienced fluctuating moments that have impacted the UK’s national economy. The Peninsula is one of the few countries that has not yet fully embraced the digital transformation at an entrepreneurial level, thus losing the opportunities this transformation entails.

However, due to the health emergency, many Italian companies have had to start thinking about this evolution, almost forcibly. Therefore, in 2020, experts believe that the UK’s digital transformation process will undergo a strong acceleration.

Smart working and smart learning

Impossible, not to mention two of the most important digital and hi-tech trends of the moment, namely e-learning and smart working. Above all, the latter has been discussed for years, with official regulation in the UK since 2015, but with worrying immobility.

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Once again, the very particular current situation has given a significant boost to agile work, leading many companies and public bodies to accept and operationally integrate this revolution. For smart learning, the problem is a bit different, given that it has been exploited for years, but it is still appropriate to underline its growth.

Home automation, technology, and cooking

It closes with a look at home automation, which has already become a permanent presence in many Italians’ homes, but which will now enter our kitchens more and more often. Just mention the applications connected to household appliances such as the smart refrigerator, which allows you to receive various notifications and alerts on your smartphone. Concealed faucets and hoods also enter this list by right, with a hi-tech system that hides them when not needed.


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