Cyber Security Trends That Will Rule 2022

Organizations that are big or small and multiple industries across the globe are reeling towards digital transformation. This makes cyber security of prime importance in 2022. Hackers have the potential to halt business operations for hours or days and can even expose personal information.   There is an immediate need for companies to train their staff and upsurge cyber security. Cyber attackers are expected to become more sophisticated and create more havoc around the world.

Demand for skilled engineers and security architects with Cyber Security Certification is rising for organizations across industries. Businesses need to be aware of different cyber security trends to pre-empt and take proactive actions to increase their organization’s information security and protect it. Below is a preview of what Cyber Security Trends Will Rule in 2022 and how these will impact civilians, countries, and enterprises.

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Ransomware Attacks Reinvented

Ransomware attacks have seen a rise, frequently made headlines in the news, and are continuously becoming a concern for many organizations. The volume of ransomware attacks has significantly grown in 2021 and will continue to do so in 2022.

But what is ransomware? Ransomware is malware that uses asymmetric encryption to hold a victim’s information at ransom. Crucial data of the organization gets encrypted and prevents access of databases, applications, and files to the users. It is going to become personalized and progressively include assets like IoT. Possibility of new paradigms to emerge in 2022 to extort money.

Ransomware continues to be a growing problem that forces organizations and individuals to pay billions of dollars to cybercriminals. They are going to be inflicting substantial harm to different business and government organizations. Thus there will be a massive increase in supply chain attacks.

Cloud Security

Organizations and businesses are increasingly migrating to the cloud space.  A lot of these cloud services lack secured encryption, authentication methods, or audit log systems.  Cyber security professionals need to stiffen the cloud security space. Cybercriminals can tend to bypass poorly configured cloud security and access sensitive information from the cloud database.

Organizations are deploying predictive security methods to identify threats even before they occur. It can isolate cyber-attacks that pass-through endpoint security systems. Many companies are using multifactor authentication to strengthen cloud security.

Cyberattacks through mobile devices

Mobile devices are becoming an excellent source for cybercriminals to launch cyber-attacks. Many e-commerce platforms are easily accessible through mobile devices. With it comes a great opportunity area for cybercriminals to target mobile users and gain access to substantial sensitive information data.

Mobile devices are increasingly used for e-purchases, mobile banking, travel bookings, shopping, hotel booking, etc. The devices become an avenue for cyberattacks, perform fraudulent financial transactions, and even push malware resulting in data loss.

IoT Vulnerability 

The Internet of Things and IoT devices are ruling the world. IoT products implanted with computer devices help to send and receive data on the internet quickly. This again allows cybercriminals to launch cyberattacks and pose major security threats to the users. Today IoT seamlessly connects the physical and the virtual world. As a result, residences are pretty vulnerable to invasions. To boost their sales, revenues and generate awareness, businesses and enterprises across the globe are heavily investing in IoT

Machine Learning & AI-Enabled Security

Machine learning in cyber security spacing is continuously growing and evolving. Including machine learning in cyberspace has made cybersecurity easier, efficient, and effective. Machine learning-based algorithms make it easier to predict and effectively respond to cyber attacks in a real-time manner.  Effective algorithms can be made from a huge amount of data that encompasses all spheres of the organization.  Organizations are implementing machine learning to scrutinize the threat patterns, study behavioral patterns of cybercriminals.  Thus, it helps to prevent future attacks, and by instilling AI, repetitive & redundant tasks performed by cyber security professionals are also minimized.

Targeted Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks are likely to continue and grow in 2022. Users and employees continue to fall victim to phishing emails that they receive. This is the most persistent security threat in the IT industry. Cybercriminals use sophisticated business email compromise attacks, malicious URLs, phishing emails to personalize and target individuals. Industry experts suggest that target phishing attacks are prone to become more dominant year after year. Businesses are adapting to the latest changes and investing in awareness sessions and programs.

Cyber attacks in the Financial Sector

The financial services sector is another domain that is under the hold of cybercriminals. Financial businesses are continuously upgrading their systems, increasing rules and regulations, and making conscious efforts to move to the cloud. Phishing attacks via email continue to remain pervasive in this sector. However, evolving messaging apps, cloud apps, social media are also a gateway to the latest trends in the cyber security space.

Regular data breaches and malware attacks are the most common threats experienced by financial institutions like banks and insurance companies. Amidst covid 19 pandemic attacks on financial institutions have seen a massive spike.

Attack on Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry has relaxed its firewall rules with the coronavirus outbreak. Most staff are working from home. Temporary healthcare facilities have sprung up that tend to bypass the dynamic healthcare protocols. Hence, they lack the infrastructure security that is available in the hospitals.

The healthcare industry does expose a lot of secured and sensitive data to be potentially compromised due to security issues. Data breaches from the healthcare industry are amongst the leading cybersecurity trends in 2022. Hospitals and the healthcare industry are heavily investing in digital and cybersecurity requirements.

User Education & Awareness

Employees are often the weakest link of an organization. They pose big risks and threats to the organization by not patching the systems promptly, not remediating the vulnerabilities, and becoming victims of phishing scams. The employees often cause incidents of a data breach in the organization. The attackers recycle old attacks on new targets. Even if the company has deployed the best security solutions available, it opens doors for cyber risks if it is not appropriately implemented, overlooked, and not updated.

Employees are unaware of different cyber-attack methods; they need to identify the phishing email. Many people end up clicking the wrong email and becoming prey to cyberattacks.  Awareness of cyber security will prevent an onslaught of attacks and threats. Many organizations are implementing web-based training, different cybersecurity-related campaigns, and even arranging Cyber Security Programs to upskill their workforce, who are cyber security professionals, to become an expert in this rapidly growing career domain.

The Bottom-line

To conclude, it is difficult to predict the future of cyber security space as it evolves rapidly. The advent of the pandemic has further instilled uncertainties and chaos for many companies about strengthening their network.  These trends give us some insights into what the future beholds and what can be expected in the future. Cybersecurity is a must-have for all organizations establishing or dependent on cyberspace to run their business operations. Predicting and identifying crucial attack areas and scenarios will prevent businesses from becoming victims of a cyberattack.

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