CVPS & Amano – Reinventing Computerized Valet Parking Systems

The growing numbers of businesses are forcing business owners to be on their A-game all the time. While running a business, one of the crucial factors of making sure your business is successful in the long run is to always focus on customer satisfaction and convenience. Business analysts hired by big business owners are always working on ways to increase customer convenience which would result in more positive reviews by clients and customers.  The latest tip adopted by most business owners is to invest in CVPS & Amano – Computerized Valet Parking Systems to make sure their parking facilities are always top-notch because clients and customers start their journey to their business right from parking their vehicle.

Why should you invest in CVPS & Amano – Computerized Valet Parking Systems?

It changes the fact of Arrival and Retrieval Process of Vehicles

When business owners can invest in something that increases customer satisfaction yet reduces manpower and the overall cost of maintaining manpower then it is a double bonus for the business. CVPS & Amano – Computerized Valet Parking Systems is one such software that makes sure that customers and clients are given the highest quality service along with reducing manpower and labor. 

CVPS & Amano – Computerized Valet Parking Systems records everything right from the moment a client steps into your property. This ensures that you will have enough data as proof ready to show the moment there is a problem. The parking charges are sent to the customer’s smartphone through the CVPS & Amano – Computerized Valet Parking Systems application.

Payments for parking can be done in seconds with 5 major gateways through P2PE and EMV solutions to make sure customers receive maximum convenience. The software has been designed with multiple payment options to cater to every customer and client’s needs. Payment requests are faster than regular SMS and provide plenty of discounts to the customers when they make payment for the parking.

Customer Request Kiosks

Provide more power to your customers and clients by setting up CRKs in front of the buildings. CRKs can accept payment and the bar-code scanner could even read discount codes to ensure discounts in parking charges.

Mobile Management System

CVPS & Amano – Computerized Valet Parking Systems has programmed in a way that authorities are aware of every customer’s vehicle request time the moment they set a time through the mobile application. The authorities can deliver this information to their valet boys to ensure the parking facilities are running smoothly at all times.

Protect your business with photography

One of the common problems faced by the hospitality industry is fraudulent claims by customers. Eliminate that by investing in CVPS & Amano – Computerized Valet Parking Systems as its camera would record the existing condition of the vehicles. The photographs are time, location, ticket number, and date stamped to ensure there are minimum chances of receiving fraudulent damage claims.

World’s first Valexa

CVPS & Amano – Computerized Valet Parking Systems is the first software with an in-built Valexa. It makes sure any department of the hotel or building gets connected to the customers and clients smoothly without having to run after staff to answer queries and doubts.

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