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Charging via Wires 😒

I know You Hate it

We all just hate the piece of wire that comes with your smartphone.

The piece of wire we all know as the phone charger.

Now you think I’m too much and you can’t even say, I have no problem with my charger but I don’t agree with that.

Let’s take a test.

Look at the two maps below, if the first thing that comes to your mind is frustration, resentment. Whether or not, if you can relate to the images below, you will fall into this category and you really should read this article.

Almost everything (when it comes to tech) has been innovated but for some strange reason, the smartphone charger has been forgotten. Smartphone chargers have seen little innovation either.

Sure, you have “fast charging” now but how many times have you dealt with this mess?

Or how many times have you had to buy a new charger because of an unexpected breakdown?

Chargers have long lagged behind the innovation cycle, which is still the case.

A new product called CircaCharge was designed to solve all the problems I mentioned above.

Table of Contents

  • What is CircaCharge?
    • PROS & CONS
    • Trying Out CircaCharge
    • How It Works
    • Bottom Line

What is CircaCharge?

CircaCharge is a wireless charging pad with a sleek design. It is a premium product designed to stand out from other low-quality alternatives.

It lets you charge your phone without any cables; all you need to do is place your phone on a smooth charging pad and it will charge your phone instantly.

It weighs approximately 1 mm x gms and measures 100 mm x 7 mm, which means that it is so compact that you can carry happiness anywhere, so dig up your traditional chargers and charge the vinegar. Choose


As we all know, nothing is perfect, so let’s take a look at what the pros and cons of this product were for us:

Advantages : 

  • You can get some bundled deals if you buy two or more searches
  • The design is spot on and looks great
  • The charger can be purchased for Android or Apple phones.
  • shipping Free shipping is offered on their website.
  • It is a wireless charging solution which means no wiring.
  • It is made of highly durable premium material which means there is no frequent change and no unnecessary faults like your normal charger.
  • And best of all, it solves all of these problems while still having the same “fast charge” capabilities that wired chargers have.


  • cheap Very cheap knock off.
  • Since you will find some brands, you will not choose different colors.
  • particular This model is not designed for use in your car.


This cool charger has some great features that were built by the manufacturers to make it easy and convenient to charge these devices.

It Supports Fast charge

For starters, you’ll love the fast charging features of this particular device. It’s very easy to put your phone on the charging pad and run, fully charged in just a short time.

A great feature if you are going to an important place with your friends and need to have full phone battery.

It has a Good charging distance

Even if this is the case on your phone, you can still charge the device. There is a distance of one centimeter, so don’t follow your case and reset it and let it fill up again. Very easy

It comes With a Thin and sleek Design

The wireless charging pad is nice and slim and it looks more like a drink coaster than a wireless charging device. It will look good and clean in your room, bedroom, or home office. Just make sure your friends don’t set their soda cans on the charger, it can’t be good.

Near works with almost all devices

Seriously, in the battle of Apple vs. Android, the search charge is not supported. You can choose a charger that suits your needs. If you also need a Type C charger, you can order one.

Trying Out CircaCharge

The way to use this product is easy; just plug it in and go. You can hide the cords for a neat and clean look or just lay it on the floor near your bed so you can just set it down and go to sleep. It looks great and unobtrusive in the office, too.

How It Works

This wireless charger works just like any other wireless device. It transfers electrical energy from the charger to the back of the phone through the process of adding electromagnetic. An induction coil is used to create an alternating electric field. The coil received in the phone is then converted into electricity which is fed into the battery.

Bottom Line

This is a good product for those who want to replace these traditional chargers, and it looks good and performs well.

If you are interested in charging yourself a circus then I would recommend you to work fast, they have an ongoing discount of 35 off which is coming to an end very soon.

* Note – If you purchase directly from the main website, the CircaCharge is currently on a special promo, if you buy the order directly, 35% less than your order.

I don’t know how long this promo lasts, but I do know that promos don’t usually last long, so now is a good time to get it if you’re interested in a CircaCharge.

Click the red button below to get yours

PS It comes with free shipping. ALSO SEE THIS

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