Choosing The Best CCTV Option For Your Company

Here you have many options and some individuals may prefer certain options over others. For example, some people will prefer analogue CCTV Installation to digital CCTV because it is cheaper to install, and because it’s easier to operate and maintain (and doesn’t crash). However it still only records one track at once and has a lower frame rate and spatial resolution to digital options.

The files can’t be manipulated or transmitted, and there can be no video analytics, etc. As such while some people might still opt for analogue CCTV, that won’t be the best option available still. For the very best protection for your office or company, you need digital which will record in higher definition, from multiple tracks, and be far more flexible.

At the same time though there are many different types of digital CCTV so you need to ensure that you also choose the best digital CCTV cameras. Here there are many options, but you want to look at things like the frame rate, the capacity of internal storage, the features, and the definition (megapixels).

At the same time, you should look at the brand, and an LG CCTV camera for example will ensure that you’re getting a reliable make and have some come-back. By going for a known brand like LG CCTV you can contact the manufacturers in case of problems and can read reviews etc online.

A great type of digital CCTV camera is an IP CCTV camera. IP CCTV means that the camera is capable of streaming footage. This then means that you are able to place the IP camera anywhere on the premises as there are no cables (also making installation cheaper). At the same time, it means you can watch the footage remotely and this means you need never be unsure as to what is going on at the workplace or warehouse.

Finally, you should look into additional features of which there are many. This can include things like video analytics which allow a video to use motion sensor and shape recognition to react to the footage. For example, a CCTV installation might use motion sensors to ensure that the camera only records when there is something to record.

Some cameras also come with built-in VoIP meaning they can send and receive calls – watch a video remotely and warn the perpetrators yourself, or have the camera call a security service on noticing movement.

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