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Bitcoin is the most popular crypto asset in the market, that ranks first on the Coinmarketcap resource. BTC is traded on all crypto platforms and is one of the most often traded coins ever. The BTC rate depends on factors such as:

  • the overall economic situation in the world;
  • crypto market sentiments;
  • supply and demand.

The BTC emission is limited to 21 million coins. There is always demand for this asset because BTC is considered to be the most stable-growing crypto.

One of the most often traded crypto pairs on exchanges is BTC to USDT.

What Is USDT?

Tether is another popular crypto asset, but the difference is that it is a stablecoin. Stablecoins are assets pegged to some fiat currencies, which is why they are called “stable”. Crypto market fluctuations, ups and downs, do not impact Tether price. It is always near one dollar (euro or other currency).

BTC USDT pair is often used to transfer Bitcoins to a relatively stable asset. Here are the reasons why traders convert BTC/USDT:

  • it helps hedge risks when the BTC rate drops, and investors can save their savings treasury in a stablecoin;
  • for more convenient settlements and payments in business.

The current BTC USDT price (August 2022) is $21,523.

To trade Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, we recommend using credible and legal crypto platforms, for example, WhiteBIT. The exchange offers over 400 crypto pairs, including popular BTC USDT, adequate crypto rates and fees (0,10%), and many trading options and tools, including staking, futures trading, margin, etc. WhiteBIT features an educational sector and charts that reflect BTC USDT price live. It helps make the right decision for a trader or investor. The exchange is focused on client security, so it implements several layers of user protection and accounts safety. Most tools and functions are available only to registered users who passed the KYC verification.

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