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Best Ways To Measure TikTok Metrics In Upcoming Years

TikTok is crowned as the most downloaded app in 2019 to date with over 60 million downloads. It has already overtaken a billion downloads on the Google Play/ Apple App stores. According to the research, India occupies 45% of total downloads, where the US acquires 9%. TikTok becomes a favorite for most of the brands to target the Z generation users. 

Marketing and influencers campaigns are new to TikTok; there is little information about measuring these campaigns’ success. All the brands just placed their feet on TikTok for marketing purposes and found it hard to get the marketing campaign’s success. Here, we have drafted some best ways for brands to launch a successful campaign on TikTok.

How To Measure Different Metrics On TikTok?

If you joined hands with the TikTok influencers, you could request them to access their analytics to notice how your campaign performed at a specific time. Keep on reading; we can see various analytics used to get the campaign knowledge, conversions, and a kind of traffic that many brands want to target. 

How To Measure Reach On TikTok?

There are two essential elements to measure the reach metric on TikTok.

  • Complete video views
  • Complete hashtag reach

How To Measure Engagement On TikTok?

Brands notice one essential thing while choosing an influencer for their marketing strategy on Instagram, and Facebook is the engagement rate. It is a percentage of engagement that TikToker’s content acquired. The measurement includes the sum of the total number of comments, likes & shares received in the numerator divided by the total fans count that a user has in the denominator. This output is multiplied by the number 100 to get the percentage result. 

If your engagement rate is high, then the engagement that an influencer campaign produces will be higher naturally. These numbers are essential to notice before going for the marketing campaigns.

  • A complete number of hearts(likes)
  • Complete amount of comments
  • A total number of shares

Engagement Rate = ((Total likes + Total comments + Total shares) / Total Followers) X 100

How To Know Virality On TikTok?

There are two essential things to be measured to get the TikTok virality.

  • Replays count of your video
  • Total videos that used your brand campaign’s hashtag.

Brand Conversions From The Campaigns

  • Increased social media or website traffic
  • Growths in e-commerce sales

If you want to expand your brand visibility on the platform, we suggest using the original and unique hashtag for the hashtag challenges and buy TikTok views to enlarge your viewer’s base. The follower’s of the influencer like to recreate the videos on the selection of hashtags and interests. It could help you grow your brand’s reach to a broader audience and decrease the cost for a view.

You can request influencer analytics data when you choose them. It helps you know the particular influencer’s growth and the content their followers prefer, and much information.

TikTok’s Profile Data Through Analytics

Apart from the video metric and brand content, getting an influencer analytic access gives the marketer with the audience content interest and also the full information about their followers.

Data to be monitored before choosing an influencer.

  • New fans(last 30 days)
  • Complete video views(last 30 days)
  • Complete profile views(last 30 days)
  • Performance of their content(last 30 days)
  • Trending video data of an influencer(last 30 days)


Influencer marketing campaigns on TikTok are beneficial to increase brand authority. Brands should do some homework before collaborating with TikTok influencers. 

If you are an exclusive brand going to run a campaign on TikTok or TikTok influencer, follow these simple best ways to do it in the way.

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