Best Way To Pass Microsoft Certification Exam

Microsoft certifications validate the skills of an individual to implement business solutions using top technologies. Having a clear perspective of these technologies will help speed up your IT career regardless of the job profile.

A Microsoft certification program is being constantly updated with the latest technologies.

Best Way to Pass Microsoft Certification Exam

1. Having self-commitment and desire

The first and foremost thing is the self-willingness and desire for the certification. If someone forces, you to get certified then there is less probability to pass the exam. So, first self-commit to it.

2. Homework is a must

Before understanding the various available exams, weigh the pros and cons of each exam. Figure out which exam is best for you and what are its benefits. Exam pattern and scoring scheme, materials required for the exam, voucher schemes, and purchase benefits are the other points to keep in mind.

3. Charting The Best Plan

A plan is a foundation to help your project objectives and achieve your ultimate goals.

  • You need to chalk out the timeline for the preparation and examination.
  • Give proper weight to each of the exam topics and sub-topics according to your capability and weakness.
  • Align proper time for the book reading, dump practice, internet material, and for practice.
  • Keep buffer time for additional unknown preparation.

4. Finding Good Study Material  

Now, it’s time to start preparation. A trusted resource guarantees good study material.

  • Book

The first choice should be the books published by Microsoft because it includes all the topics step-by-step according to the exam topics. From theoretical concepts to practical scenarios, everything is included.

  • Tutorial Sites

There will be a number of topics and sub-topics in the real examination. Hence, according to the topic, you need to go through its official sites or tutorials.

  • Google

There may be instances that some of the topics you do not find in book or tutorial sites and you require additional research. So, do it according to your need.

  • Videos

Sometimes it’s easy to learn from videos for some people or some topics. But, it is not necessary to undergo the videos.

  • Dumps

When someone takes an exam and immediately gushes out as many topics and questions as they can remember, are called dumps. It is not compulsory to have dumped. But, it is quite helpful to understand the way of asking the questions as well as to know the pattern of questions of the exam. It also makes you quick in terms of reading questions as well as to select the correct option(s).

  • Practice Tests

Need to increase your confidence as well as speed? Practice tests are the answer to it. Although it is not mandatory to give practice tests it becomes important for acing the test.

5. Enough practice is MUST

Practice makes perfect. Do as much practice and practical work as you possibly can. Tackle real-world examples for each of the topics. This is important instead of relying on memory dumps or reading. Not only this will help you a lot during the exam but also in the future while actually implementing or developing.

6. Take Notes 

While studying take down notes which will help you a lot for doing quick revisions before exams. Taking notes during the whole preparation time from the beginning to the end of the exam is very beneficial.

7. Golden Rules

  • At least 200 hours of preparation are essential.
  • Find good study materials.
  • Take notes while studying.
  • Practice using the technology.
  • Relax on the exam day.
  • Dump, training, and practice test, etc. are not compulsory.
  • The timeline should be within 3 to 4 months.

Benefits of Microsoft Certifications

The benefits of the Microsoft certification courses are many. Below are listed a few of them:

  • A certified Microsoft professional gains market-relevant skills that institutions recognize and respect.
  • Acquiring the latest Microsoft certifications demonstrates that you are up-to-date with new technological releases.
  • Passing these certification exams establishes advanced technical problem-solving skills.
  • Microsoft certifications make you stand apart from competing job candidates for IT positions.
  • Committing the time and resources to earn such certifications confirms career dedication.
  • Networking opportunities, conferences, parties, training sessions, and special events are the other benefits of such certifications.

Top Online Courses

There are several websites that provide Microsoft online courses. Given below are the top few courses.

  • Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies (Koenig)
  • Microsoft Office – The Basics (CreativeLive)
  • Microsoft Azure Security Technologies (Koenig)
  • Microsoft Office Essential Skills (Udemy)
  • Microsoft 365 Essential Training (LinkedIn Learning)
  • Microsoft Office Suite (GoSkills)


A Microsoft certification can add a lot of value to your resume. You can pass the exam with diligent preparation and planning. IT experts like Koenig Solutions provide the best Microsoft certification training and courses.

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