Best Data Saver Apps For Internet Users With Limited Data

With the increased usage of the internet, we all are searching for the best provider (that is) not (only) offering high-speed but also unlimited data caps. The more is less when internet service providers place a data restriction. But not when it comes to Spectrum internet delivering high-speed starting from 200Mbps along with unlimited data caps. In addition, you can pick up the phone and call número de spectrum for timely support and quick assistance.

But What if you are living in an area where Spectrum is not available? You might come across different ISPs offering high-speed internet but with a limited data cap. Things can turn out to be nightmarish if you are a heavy streamer, avid gamer, or hardcore downloader. If you are having limited data caps on your plan, you might not wish to pay extra charges on buying extra data caps.

Keeping track of your data usage is easy when you have the right app installed on your phone. With a few different functionalities but the same purpose, here are some of the best data saver apps you can download. At least you won’t be whining at the end of each month when paying the bills. So without further waiting, let’s take a look at some of the best data saver apps.


DataEye is not only a data saver, but it also saves some juice from your phone’s battery. You can easily manage your data and mobile traffic by installing DataEye. No matter what apps you use on your phone, the app will offer you complete peace of mind whether you are using WiFi or mobile data.

DataEye allows you to save data by bringing offers on different apps that are popular among users. Moreover, you can keep track of where the data is being used and let you control the app-by-app. Save money and data simultaneously without worrying about extra charges to buy more.


When searching for the best data saver apps, GlassWire deserves to be on the list of top data saver apps. It not only tracks and monitors your data usage but also offers security. You can monitor data consumed by each app individually and if needed, you can block those apps that suck the juice out.

GlassWire is also simple to use and has a minimal and clean user interface. The app does its job well and keeps you notified about heavy data app that requires blocking or uninstalling. The app is free to install but if you pay the premium, you will get extra features, which might help in managing your data effectively as compared to the free version.

Data Usage

When it comes to internet activities you can’t be sure which app will be used more frequently. But You can track all your activities and data consumption by installing the Data Usage app that displays WiFi and mobile data on the notification bar.

Moreover, if you are consuming much more data than the limits, you will be notified immediately. The app also gives stats about each app’s data consumption so that you know where to restrict yourself.

Check Data Usage

Check Data Usage is another popular app for those having limited data caps and who want to save money. The app allows users to keep track of WiFi data usage and mobile data usage so that they never have to pay extra money.

The best thing about this app is that the apps that use the most data are listed on top. With this, you can reduce your consumption of a particular app and try saving money. The app also features an internet speed test, plan history, data usage notification, and WiFi usage.

Alternative to Data Saver Apps

If you are low on memory or don’t want to give space to any extra app on your phone, you can take advantage of the built-in Android data saving feature. Go to settings and search for data usage. A new window will be displayed where you can place limits on mobile data limit track mobile data usage. Also, you can track WiFi data usage without installing the extra app on your phone.

Summing Up

Internet bills are going high with each passing day. By installing these apps you can save money at the end of each month if your internet provider is offering limited data caps.

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