Basics Of Link Building


Link building is the process of getting different websites to link to your business or blog website. It is beneficial as it can help to bring more referral traffic and the site can be more qualitative

Why build links?

Google algorithm to rank pages is continuously evolving and one needs to stay ahead of the competition by all means. Link building is still a valid and impactful method to gain attention based on specific keywords. Since links are an indication to Google that your page is a quality resource worthy of citation, link building is one of several tactics used during search engine optimization (SEO).

As a result, sites with far more inbound links tend to rank higher. SEO professionals recommend this strategy as it is very much useful and can help the site grow. Active SEO shield is one such entity that helps you with all your SEO needs and as a result growth for your site over a period of time.

As for everything, for building links also there is the right way as well as the wrong way. The natural and organic process of getting links that are good and without any money works in a long way and gives better results. There is something called black hat SEO where professionals use the money to buy links and keywords and this, in turn, works for an only a short amount of time. There are sometimes drastic effects when due to this your site may be banned by google.

To get different websites to link to yours, you can use a variety of link-building strategies:

  • Create compelling, distinctive, high-quality content that people naturally want to access and link to, and inform others about it. Before you expect anybody to discover your material and connect to it, you must first spread the message.
  • Blogs and Mentions – Get your brand, service, or website in front of industry influencers like well-known bloggers and folks with a large social media presence.
  • Friends and Partners – Request the people you know to link to your site. It should be noted that no random linking works and all that matters are relevance. If you get a relevant link from a small magazine, that is worth more than getting a link from a popular blogger of a different niche. Imagine you have a cake and bakery items blog and you accept links from the automobile parts review page. This would not work as google can easily identify the difference and this would affect your rank when compared against another website of the same niche.

Building links from other websites is important but optimizing the internal links with rich anchor text and title tags also helps you to maintain your page and keep it relevant with time to come without any additional cost. In the end, the thing that matters the most is the quality of links you have received and how they have worked with their audience. Getting too many bogus links is a strict no as it decreases the relevancy of page for google and it leads to less traffic on your page.

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