Average Hours to Build a Business Website

A website is a frequent thing that we need for our business, branding, or personal use. A website gives us a digital platform to put our business or share our thoughts with the world. Nowadays, you can not do anything better if you do not have any website. So the website is a must-have thing.

Making a website is a familiar mania but they are different from one another. The time of creating a website depends mostly on its page numbers. A basic one or two pages website can be made within days, but it is a completely different ball game for a big business website. 


Before starting to make a website you have first to decide who will be your audience and how this website will help your audience and their purposes. Here you will get a clear idea of what your website looks like and how to create one. Sometimes a small website can be built by himself and sometimes you may need a company that helps create a website.

Here I will further discuss how you will be able to make a better website and how long it will take to make a website. Depending on the requirements here, I divide website making works into different parts which are…

  1. Design: website design is what your user can see on your website. It reflects your use of color and how it looks on the browser. It will be better to design a website that your audience likes and prefers. You have to give a certain amount of time into your audience research. Because a unique design works well and gives a better user experience and results.
  2. Pages:  how long it takes to make a website largely depends on its page numbers. For example, if you want to make a one-page website it will be finished in one or two-day maximum. But if you want to make a twenty pages website, it will take 3-4 weeks to complete. Every additional page will increase different works design, mobile design, etc. so page number is a big factor in building a website.
  3. Development: After finishing your design and selecting page numbers, you will now go for development. It is actually programming. There are many languages to build a website, but we usually use HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. If you’re not familiar with basic website languages, you may find the building process difficult, resulting in programming hours for even basic pages. So here, you can take help from an expert that will reduce your time significantly.
  4. Maintenance and Safety: As you have done your development, you now come into the maintenance and safety part where you will have to do some regular monitoring. To keep your website fresh, you have to do some regular updates. Make the right password for your website and do not share any personal info. It often helps prevent hacking attempts on your website.

Now you have a clear idea of how a website can be built from scratch. To build a website quickly, what is most important is to make a clear sitemap of the website. Because it will define the project time and cost. After all, time is one of the hidden costs of making your website.


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