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Technology is meant to ease tasks for people. Why not make it easier for music lovers to play their favorite music whenever they want?  Spotify is an online application that allows listening to any audio music or podcast for people around the world but Spotify lovers understand the need of a working internet connection to help them listen to their playlist.

Sometimes people do not have access to an internet connection and hence cannot play their required audios. The exaggerated task of searching, downloading or using online Spotify has been replaced by AudKit. It provides an online Spotify Music Converter which helps the users in this regard. It allows downloading of desired audios for offline playing purposes.

An issue with converters includes loss of quality during conversion. This issue has been resolved by AudKit which promises to provide lossless audio conversions for public use with no compromise on quality.

People often miss out on parts of audio because during conversion it often happens that the converter misses certain parts thinking of them as unnecessary. You could have come around such situations where you listened to a track somewhere but when you played it again after conversion, you are not able to get the same pitch or beat.

How does it happen? Conversions reduce the quality of audio and thus people do not get the same stuff they had in the original place. Such compromises have been put under great observation by AudKit website which now provides a Spotify Music Converter for all devices.

Users of AudKit Spotify Converter report positive experiences after using it. They love the in-built features which provide them the output of audios just the same as 320 kbps original quality as quoted by one of the users in their review. Different opinions shared on the AudKit Website show a qualitative representation of user experience regarding this software.

Some important features which are provided by AudKit Spotify Music Converter include:

1. Conversion to any desirable audio format

Sometimes the converted audio format is not compatible with devices. AudKit makes sure the converted format is among the commonly used ones. The list includes Mp3, M4A, M4B, AAC, WAC, etc. The converter is capable of converting the required audio file into formats that won’t be rejected for playing.

2. Speedy conversion

The speed rate of AudKit Spotify Music Converter is 5 times the normal conversion speed. It can convert a 5 minutes audio into a desirable format within a single minute. A high-speed conversion with no compromise over quality is what a person needs to save time.

3. No limit on conversions

Spotify range contains countless audio files. These include songs, whole playlists, books in the form of audio, and podcasts as well. All these can be downloaded at once, meaning a person can select a whole range of files, and then it will be listed up for download.

There are no limitations regarding how many files can be downloaded at a single time. A person can download up to 100 audio files in a single go. Users can select playlists and multiple files according to their choice and hence these will be available for offline usage in AudKit Playlist once they have been converted and downloaded.

4. No compromise on quality

A file when converted using AudKit Spotify Music Converter won’t lose its original quality. The converter does not lose notes while converting. It is based on the concept of “Conversion” and not “Compression“.

When a file is compressed, a lot of notes are lost and hence stands nowhere near the original file; compression is used to convert larger files into smaller portable ones.

However, when it comes to the conversion of songs and audio files, no such concept is acceptable for the users. They want the quality to remain intact. Therefore, AudKit Spotify Music Converter keeps the quality uncompromised.

5. ID3 tags remain intact

Sometimes when a file is converted, it gets saved as a new one. Previously related data like its title, date, artist, album, and information like this is lost during the process of conversion.

However, AudKit Spotify Music Converter allows the preservation of that material, and hence the details can be viewed and the music library can be organized accordingly by using ID3 tags.

6. An alternative to Spotify Premium

Once the songs have been downloaded, a person can listen to them without using a Spotify premium account.

7. No advertisement interruption

Annoying ad interruption can now be avoided by using the AudKit converter. The songs and audios can be downloaded and then can be transferred to the device where a person can listen to them without having any ad exposure.

Willingly, a person can skip certain or multiple files to reach the desired one. It allows customizing list according to the preference of its user.

8. Customized output support for multiple devices

Certain devices are not compatible with the Spotify format. Spotify has an OGG Vorbis format which can be converted into the desired format by customizing the settings.

It has tools to change the format, codec, etc to accomplish this goal. The converted files can then be played on any sound system (car, Mp3 players, etc).

9. User-friendly manual

The tools are easy to use for everyone. A person has no difficulty in dealing with the software even if they are using it on Windows or Mac. Let’s see how to use AudKit Spotify Music Converter to download Spotify music and convert them to MP3 step by step.

Step 1. Install the Spotify Music Converter on your computer and launch and register it with your account details. And then you can drag and drop music from Spotify to this tool.

Step 2. Click the menu bar to choose ‘Preferences’ > ‘Convert’ to customize the output format as MP3 and do other settings.

Step 3. Press the big ‘Convert’ button at the bottom-right corner of the main interface. It will download added Spotify music to computer encoding in MP3 format.

10. Free up gradation

A user enjoys unlimited access to free version up-gradation and helps from their official department if encounters a certain technical issue.


People who love listening to music, audiobooks, podcasts, and other related categories can now enjoy their Spotify playlist without a Spotify premium account. AudKit Spotify Music Converter allows users to convert their favorite audios into desirable audio formats without compromising its audio quality.

The converted files are compatible on any device due to custom tools available in the software to change the format accordingly. It allows a speedy conversion along with no limitations on conversions at a single time.

Its user friendly and the audios do not lose the details which allows them to be organized again with the help of ID3 tags. Users can now enjoy their playlist without any technical hindrance by just getting the AudKit Spotify Music Converter through AudKit Website.

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