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Aluminum Fencing Options For Your Home


Adding a fence to your property is essential to improve security and increase the aesthetic appeal of your house. Among all the different types of fencing options available, aluminum fences are the most versatile option since they are affordable, look elegant, and still offer good protection against intruders. Thus, if you want to add an aluminum fence to your property, simply search “fencing company near me” online to find a list of reputable fence installation companies that can help you with the process.

The Options

Here are a few factors to check before choosing an aluminum fence:

The reputation of the distributor or manufacturer – When it comes to choosing a good quality fence, the reputation and reliability of the manufacturer or the distributor go a long way. Thus, don’t be in a haste to choose high-quality aluminum fence options. Enquire about the history of the company, how long it would take them to ship the products, and whether they offer free shipping. All these little details would allow you to judge which is the best fence installation company for you.

Customer service – The behavior of the staff is also important to notice when choosing aluminum fencing options. Do they have an expert that can guide you with the process of selecting an aluminum fence for your property? What type of warranty does the company offer? How long is the warranty? Is it a lifetime or only a few years?

Price – A strong and sturdy aluminum fence with a beautiful design should also be within your budget. No matter how much you like an aluminum fence, if it’s not affordable you cannot purchase it or consider it as an option. However, you should also look out for offers that appear too good to be true since, in most cases, they have some type of defect which you may not be able to notice at first glance.

Maintenance – High-quality fences feature better quality materials and are made with more care. As a result, these require much less maintenance and aftercare However, cheap fences often feature shoddy ingredients that require frequent maintenance and may be damaged much sooner than expected.

Ease of installation – Whether you want to install an aluminum fence by yourself or hire fence installation professionals, it’s better to invest in a fence that is easier to install in order to avoid unforeseen complications.

Grade quality – Aluminum fences are available in two different grade options — residential and commercial. There are 3 major differences between a commercial-grade fence and a residential-grade fence:

  1. The size of the pickets in commercial-grade fences is ¾ inches whereas, in residential-grade fences, the size of the pickets is only ⅝ inches.
  2. Commercial-grade fences are thicker and sturdier than residential-grade fences.
  3. The length of a residential fence section is 6 feet whereas in commercial-grade fences, the sections are 8 feet, and the post rails are further apart.

For most homeowners, residential-grade quality would be suitable. However, if your property sees heavy traffic, has large dogs, or you want to create enclosures around swimming pools, commercial-grade fences can be the better choice since they offer better protection.

Height of the fence – The height of the fence is another important factor that you need to consider before installing an aluminum fence. Shorter aluminum fences such as 36-inch fences are okay if you just want to improve your neighbors or if your area enjoys the very less criminal activity. However, if you want to keep animals such as deer outside or keep your big dog inside, it’s sensible to invest in a taller fence such as a 72-inch fence.

Also, certain states have strict safety regulations that require homeowners to install fences that are at least 4 feet (48”) tall with 2 horizontal rails or 4.5 feet (54”) tall with 3 horizontal rails.

Latch quality – Many people don’t consider latch quality to be important. However, without a good latching mechanism, the fence can open easily no matter how strong or tall it is. For best results, consider self-closing gates with a magnetic auto-latching system. Self-closing hinges are suitable if you have young children who like to roam in the yard or if you are worried about your pets escaping.

Style and number of rails – Horizontal rails add support to the pickets and also function as a stylistic feature. Generally, modern aluminum fences have between 2 to 4 rails. Typically, you need to add more rails if you want your aluminum fences to look more ornamental.

For style, you may choose any of the 3 popular aluminum fence designs:

  1. Exposed Spears or Finials – This type of aluminum fences features exposed spearheads.
  2. Flat Top – This type of aluminum fences has its picket heads covered with a flat rail. It is the most popular option for residential homeowners.
  3. Flat Top with Spears – This type of aluminum fence features a combination of the other two fence styles. Thus, it also has spearheaded, but they are covered with flat rail.

Finials and post caps – Post caps are ornamentals that increase the aesthetic appeal of your aluminum fences. For finials, the popular options include:

  • Triads
  • Spears
  • Quads

For fence posts, the popular post cap shapes include:

  • Ball Caps
  • Standard Flat Caps

Color and coating – There are several coating options available for aluminum fences, but the most popular choice is ‘powder coating’ that adds a thin layer that acts as armor on your aluminum fences. The coated layer makes your aluminum fence more durable and prevents rust and decay. As a result, it requires less maintenance which is very helpful if your area receives frequent rain or snow.

For choosing the color of your aluminum fences, you may want to match the accents with the window trim or doors on your property. Perhaps, a satin black that matches with almost any house style or a textured bronze that pops better.


You can search “fencing company near me” on Google to find reputable fence installation companies near you and discuss the aluminum fencing options in further detail. They can even help you with the selection process and help you make up your mind after seeing your property.

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