A Brief Look At The Flower of Friendship – Yellow Roses

Yellow Roses! Roses are important in helping us express our deepest feelings for every color has a different meaning. While red roses are women’s favorite flowers as red is the color of love, men pledge their love to their women with these red roses. White roses speak of peace, while the pink variants adorn the homes and temples during special occasions including weddings and various other ceremonies.

Then what about friendship? You do not want to send mixed feelings with a random flower bunch. Then yellow roses are there for the rescue; they save us from embarrassing ourselves when we just ought to cheer up our friends. Exchanging yellow roses resembles friendship and kinship that is as precious as the roses themselves.

Yellow roses have been part of our lives for a long time, and their significance has become more important over time. It may have started as a flower that represents jealousy during the Victorian times, but today a sun-colored yellow rose conveys warmth, affection, and joy. To know more about these pleasant yellow roses, read on as we share a brief look at the flower of friendship.

History and Origin

In the 18th century, when the worldwide love of roses was in full swing, they were only cultivated in shades of white and pink. A new and elusive yellow rose strain was discovered in the Middle East, this marked the beginning of the European love affair with yellow roses. But there was something odd with them. Yes, they were pleasing to the eye; they lacked the famous sweet rose scent.

Then as the advancement of farming methods was developing, the yellow rose was also refined now boasting both the beauty and soothing sweet scent. The sweet-and-spicy rose scent was later introduced to the entire yellow rose family; now, we are able to get the optimistic and aromatic glory around the world.

Growing Rose Plant

With the history of the yellow roses in the clear one might think it’s cumbersome to grow in their flower garden. Well growing them is not an issue as they can be grown like their counterparts. You can easily propagate your rose collection by cutting on the stem and grow fresh in the garden with a sapling from the nursery.

Caring for the yellow rose

  • Keep your roses fresh and watered. Soak the entire root at least two times a week in dry summer weather. Make sure that water reaches the deeper roots when watering the rose; it also helps counter fungus issues. The best environment for roses to thrive is in the rainforest where they receive up to 90 inches of rain per year, so they always water them frequently.
  • In order for roses to grow well, they also need an ideal rich soil with good drainage and aeration. One mistake you need to avoid is to ignore the soil where you are planting.
  • Feed roses on a regular basis before and throughout the blooming cycle
  • Maintain a routine of pruning roses every spring and get rid of all old or withered plant material.

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