9 Best Virtual Bookkeepers For Outsourcing Accounting Work

Virtual bookkeeping has the advantage of combining the automation and AI of technology with the support and guidance of real people. Virtual bookkeeping will allow you to keep accurate records and gain valuable insight knowing that your finances are in order.

Virtual bookkeepers can manage as much or as little of your finances as needed. They can deliver all that you require, regardless of what it might be. Virtual bookkeeping services are available in many sizes and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your company.

These are the 10 best virtual bookkeeping software


The bench is the most popular professional bookkeeping service in America. The bench is a top-rated service that offers catch-up services, which will help you get your books organized and up-to-date before you start planning for ongoing bookkeeping maintenance. There is no additional cost for monthly check-ins or tax reviews.

Access to a team of bookkeepers, with plans that are affordable and make managing your business easier. A robust mobile app is available and members can receive discounts for signing up annually. They offer the best Retro bookkeeping and catch-up services and are also more affordable than others.

  • Prices start at $299 per Month
  • Bookkeeping services in-house
  • Financial statements
  • Catch-up bookkeeping included
  • Payroll integration and tax integration

2. Bookkeeper360

Bookkeeper360 is designed to integrate with Xero and QuickBooks. Sign up for a personalized demo to receive 20% off your first three months of full-service bookkeeping and accounting solutions. New clients will receive free consultations and solutions for their payroll, HR, taxes, and other requirements.

Bookkeeper360 does not offer invoicing and bill pay services. The mobile app is only compatible with Xero. If you are a partner, you will need to use the QuickBooks App. Although it is more costly than others, it is the best option for those who use Xero. It is also ideal for people who want pay-as-you-go solutions at a lower rate.

  • Price: Monthly plans start at $549, $19 per month, or $99 per hour. Pay-as you-go pricing
  • Weekly plans are available
  • Accrual accounting is available
  • Many customized solutions are available
  • Integrates with Xero and QuickBooks
  • Perfect for small businesses

3. is a great resource for anyone looking for a complete accounting solution. This online and cloud-based bookkeeping resource provides all-in-one accounting solutions, including books, taxes, consulting, and dedicated agents for each client. Although this platform doesn’t offer a mobile app, it does work with QuickBooks Online and provides more services than QBLive (which we will also discuss below). This app is ideal for anyone looking for an integrated solution.

You can choose from four subscription levels. Your data will be protected through a secure online network. For those who have more than 300 transactions per month, you can get custom pricing. Small business plans start at $500 per month. This is a great price for virtual bookkeeping. Although you will need to pay more for certain features, it still has a lot of value.

  • Prices: Starting at $449/month for 100 transactions or less
  • All things are managed by a dedicated bookkeeper
  • Secure network
  • QuickBooks Online Specialist
  • Plans and pricing can be customized

4. Merritt Bookkeeping

You don’t have to sacrifice the essentials of your business if you are on a tight budget. Merritt Bookkeeping makes outsourcing much more affordable than you might imagine. It is easy to set up and get all the services you need with their flat-rate pricing.

Merritt offers catch-up services to those who are behind in their accounting. They also offer a 100% money back guarantee that guarantees that you will love all features or that you won’t pay. Although you don’t get a dedicated accountant, some companies don’t require one.

  • Price: $190 per month
  • Catch-up bookkeeping available
  • Easy integration and quick setup
  • Bookkeeping basics that are affordable
  • 1099 Filing Included
  • Intuitive user interface

5. Pilot

The pilot is a bookkeeping platform that will revolutionize the way your business views books. This service is the best for startups. This service was designed to meet the needs of venture capital-backed startups. Each client is assigned a bookkeeper who can help them integrate and get you up and running quickly.

The pilot is now priced annually, instead of monthly. However, the rates are very competitive. People with $200,000 in monthly expenses or less can choose the Core or Select plan. Additional services for AP, AR, taxes and more are also available. If you require one, you can also get a Controller or CFO.

  • Price: Core plan: $7,188/year
  • Additional charges may apply for CFOs
  • A dedicated bookkeeper is available
  • Monthly financial reporting
  • Tax management is available for an additional charge
  • Accrual-based accounting

6. QuickBooks Live

QuickBooks was a pioneer in accounting software and the company is still strong today. QuickBooks Live is their latest service. They offer many solutions for bookkeeping and accounting. This service will provide a dedicated bookkeeper to your business without requiring you to sign a contract.

Assistance with creating and syncing bank accounts, budgeting, and reporting can be provided. This service requires a separate QuickBooks Online subscription. However, it provides basic support for those who just need to do their bookkeeping. The first month is $500 and it’s dedicated to setting up the platform and cleaning up the accounting. Rates are charged according to expense volume after that.

  • Price: $200/month for expenses up to $25K
  • Bookkeeper dedicated to your needs
  • Setups can be customized
  • Payroll add-ons available for a fee
  • Real-time accounting, reporting

7. InDinero

InDinero is a platform for startups and SMBs in their growth stages. They have worked with companies like Stripe, Casper, and other well-known startup brands. They are able to help with everything, from transaction monitoring and budget planning to expensing and even expense management.

InDinero provides financial reporting, and taxes, as well as a mobile app that allows everyone to communicate. You can easily scale the solution to your requirements and have reasonable pricing. For those who need accrual accounting or fractional CFO services, custom pricing is possible. Essential plans start at $300 per month.

  • Prices: $900 per month for Growth Plan, $300 for Essentials
  • CPA is available for an additional charge
  • Financial planning and budget analysis
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Mobile app
  • Financial reports are available daily

8. KPMG Spark

KPMG Spark is the ideal choice for people who want to integrate with existing software and tools. This accounting and bookkeeping platform offers full service, including payroll and invoicing. Cloud accounting allows you to track everything in real-time and have more storage for less money. Live bank insight reduces error risk, too.

The dashboard will also show real-time financial information, so there’s less need to do monthly reconciliations. This plan offers a simple onboarding process as well as unlimited user access. Although it isn’t the best option for small businesses, the cost of this plan is well worth it for the many features it offers.

  • Prices start at $195/month for up to three accounts (bank, credit, etc.
  • Statements of income and balance sheets
  • The dashboard provides real-time accounting
  • Tracking expense and invoicing included
  • Integrates with third-party software
  • Bookkeeper dedicated to your needs

9. Ignite Spot Accounting

This app provides detailed reporting for those who require accounting software. This service is able to handle complicated accounting tasks and help small businesses make better profits. There are tools for managing credit cards and accounts, financial analysis, reporting, and many other features.

Your business will determine the type of accounting team that you receive. A small e-Commerce company would receive a different team than a single-person sales executive. You can customize the features and options to make your accounting system fit your business. Although the all-inclusive pricing may seem a little more expensive than most people are used to, it’s a great solution for those who require more from their digital bookkeeping and accounting.


  • Price: $575/month
  • Reporting that is specific and tailored
  • Credit cards are an important part of financial management
  • Team of accounting professionals with dedicated expertise
  • Automation, hands-off accounting, and many more

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