8 Must-Have Features For A Secure Fibreglass Swimming Pool

Imagine the sun-kissed days and the joy of dipping into the crystal-clear waters of your small swimming pool nestled in your backyard. The journey of building a swimming pool, mainly a charming fibreglass one, is an exciting endeavour. But beyond the splashes and laughter, ensuring the safety of your oasis is paramount. That’s where the expertise of a pool designer and swimming pool builder comes into play. Fibreglass swimming pools are about style and ensuring a secure environment for everyone. This guide delves into the essential must-have features that should adorn your fibreglass pool. This blog has got you covered, from child-friendly entrances to alarm systems that alert you in real-time.

1. Safety Covers

Safety first, fun second! Safety covers are the unsung heroes of pool security. These robust covers are designed to shield your pool from debris and protect against accidents. Imagine a cover that can bear the weight of a child, pet, or unexpected load, ensuring that no one inadvertently enters the water. These covers, available in various designs, including automatic and solid safety covers, provide peace of mind, making your small backyard swimming pool a worry-free zone.

2. Depth Markers

Navigating the waters is part of the joy of swimming, but knowing the depth of your pool is crucial for safety. Depth markers are like your underwater guides, ensuring that both experienced swimmers and enthusiastic divers know the water’s depth. These discreet yet essential markers prevent diving-related accidents and create an atmosphere of informed play. Your pool designer and swimming pool builder can help strategically place these markers for maximum effectiveness.

3. Child-Friendly Entrances

Fibreglass pools aren’t just for adults but for the whole family. Ensuring the safety of little ones around the water is paramount. Child-friendly entrances, equipped with self-closing gates and childproof locks, are like guardian angels, keeping your precious ones safe. Integrated fencing systems offer additional protection, ensuring that your fibreglass swimming pool is a haven where play and safety coexist.

4. Non-Slip Flooring

Splashing around in your fibreglass pool is all about carefree enjoyment, which means having a sure footing. Non-slip flooring materials, such as textured finishes and rubberised coatings, create traction even when the surface is wet. This simple yet indispensable feature prevents slips and falls, making your pool experience joyful and injury-free. Talk to your pool builder about incorporating non-slip elements into your pool’s design for a seamless and secure touch.

5. Underwater Lighting

Imagine the serene beauty of your fibreglass pool illuminated by gentle underwater lights as the sun sets. Beyond just adding ambience, underwater lighting plays a vital role in enhancing safety during evening swims. LED lights are energy-efficient choices that illuminate the water for clear visibility and lend an enchanting glow to your pool area. Properly placed underwater lighting ensures that every corner of your pool is well-lit, creating a haven even after dark.

6. Alarm Systems

Modern technology empowers pool owners with various alarm systems that provide real-time vigilance. Surface wave alarms, subsurface alarms, and perimeter alarms are some options that detect unexpected movement or disturbances in the water. These systems are a testament to how far the field of pool safety has evolved, offering you peace of mind as you enjoy your fibreglass pool. An investment in these alarm systems is an investment in the safety and security of your small swimming pool.

7. First Aid Stations

A secure fibreglass swimming pool isn’t just about preventing accidents and being prepared to respond swiftly if an emergency arises. Poolside seating and strategically placed first aid stations with essential supplies are crucial for a secure pool area. These stations ensure that assistance is readily available, allowing you to respond promptly to any situation that might arise. By prioritising poolside readiness, you’re taking a proactive step towards a secure environment for everyone who enjoys your small backyard swimming pool.

8. Regular Maintenance

While the abovementioned features contribute significantly to pool safety, their effectiveness relies on regular maintenance. Like the harmonious collaboration between a pool designer and swimming pool builders, synchronising upkeep tasks keeps your pool environment secure. Regularly inspect safety covers, test alarm systems, and replenish first aid supplies to maintain high security. Ensuring that all components function optimally guarantees that your fibreglass pool remains a secure oasis for years.


Safety stands as the ultimate priority in the delightful journey of building a small swimming pool. With the guidance of an experienced pool designer and the expertise of skilled pool builders, crafting a secure oasis in your small backyard swimming pool becomes a reality. The allure of fibreglass pools extends beyond aesthetics; it’s about creating a haven where every dip is a worry-free delight. From safety covers that shield against the unexpected to child-friendly entrances that ensure little explorers stay safe, each must-have feature weaves a protective tapestry around your fibreglass swimming pool.

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