6 Reasons To Study Electrical Engineering

If you’re ready to make a career change or are looking at your options for university, you may have already considered electrical engineering.

With a scientific and mathematical mind, electrical engineering could be a serious option for you, and there are several reasons why it’s a great degree to study.

Here are just a few reasons why you should study for an electrical engineering degree.

1.    Income

Though it’s not recommended to study for a degree strictly for the amount of money you can earn, the salary for electrical engineering graduates is nothing to shy away from. For starters, engineers are renowned for their high salaries, but electrical engineers can benefit from some of the highest salaries in the industry.

According to, the average salary for an electrical engineer in the US is $95,374.

Engineers also benefit from the perks of a 40-hour working week office job while still enjoying a hands-on, practical working environment. So, your work-life balance can be kept nicely in check.

2.    Practical, transferrable skills

The skills learned by studying electrical engineering are highly practical and transferrable. Whether it’s fixing and creating new projects in your spare time or applying analytical, problem-solving skills to new job roles, there’s plenty of opportunities available.

With electrical engineering in particular, you’ll be able to explore creative and practical skills for code and programming, which can often put you in good stead if you decide to change careers in later life.

The hands-on approach and working environment are also perfect for those that thrive in a kinesthetic learning space.

3.    Respect and importance

Electrical engineers play an integral role within the modern world, and graduates can easily find roles in any industry that interests them. Everything from government infrastructure to privately owned businesses relies on technology, and as such, the engineers that can manage them.

With an electrical engineering degree, you can also fast-track your way to management roles in other fields. These degrees require a lot of determination, analytics, focus, and problem-solving – all of which are perfect characteristics for management.

Overall, engineering is known as a respectable and important profession.

4.    A fast track to employment

With certain professions, a bachelor’s degree isn’t enough to land your first job. Often, you’ll need a Master’s or additional qualifications to be fit for the role. Psychologists and counselors, for example, aren’t able to walk into a job after their first degree. They have to continue their studies to become chartered professionals. Similarly, accountants will be required to take exams while in their first role.

With an engineering degree, you can gain a fast track to employment. Engineers are fully qualified to reach their dream roles after completing their undergraduate. This means you’re on the right track to earning money faster, gaining invaluable experience in your field, and paying off student debt.

It’s also worth mentioning that the engineering job market is huge. There are so many different engineering roles that the world is quite literally your oyster. Most of the top engineering companies in the world will also offer grad schemes which are the perfect way to get your foot in the door and secure a job before you graduate. Grad schemes are also ideal for those looking for a quick progression ladder.

5.    There are jobs pretty much everywhere

No matter where life takes you or what country you land yourself in, there are electrical engineering jobs pretty much everywhere. As a graduate, you have universal appeal and will easily be able to find a job in any state or country you choose.

Engineering is often needed in overseas work, too, so even if you’re located in the US, you might find your role requires you to travel further afield to complete longer projects.

Even if you find yourself no longer enjoying a career in engineering, your skills will still be invaluable across the globe. Your knowledge of computers, physics, and mathematics are all highly sought-after skills that will help you land a new role just about anywhere.

6.    Huge variety

You might start off as an electrical engineer at a software firm and suddenly find yourself working on self-driving cars, lasers, or aircraft.

The engineering world is constantly changing and adapting, and with the advancements in technology ever-changing, there are new varieties of engineering creating new opportunities each day.

This is perfect for anyone concerned about getting bored in their career. With a degree in engineering, there’s definitely plenty of routes to take or change to throughout your professional life.

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