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6 Places In China That Are Best For Your Holiday 2020

Do you want to utilize your 2020 Holidays? Absolutely sure! The Travel Agents in Pakistan are renowned for your trip with readymade tourism packages. According to tourism, China is the perfect choice to explore. No doubt, think of China, you probably familiar with its great wall, Chinese food, and iconic cities.

But did you know, many countries’ splendid attractions offer in and around the vibrant metropolis and small towns, their own tourist treasures, and are among the most beautiful places to visit in China?

Places in China would like to showcase the scenic cities with stunning natural scenery. From the peaceful Yangtze River, the longest in Asia to the bustling streets with spectacular views that will make a feast for your eyes and even lead you to the dreamy land.  The list of the top 6 places to visit will be best in planning your maiden holidays to China by visiting its highlights.

Six places in China for Holiday 2020

1. Beijing:

Beijing is the second largest and the capital city of China.  An electric mix of past and present has been an important center for cultural, economic, scientific, political, and academic life. You should become the witness rise of modern China through the innovative architecture, then taste a city’s expansive array of traditional Chinese and contemporary international cuisine.

Therefore, Beijing is called the home too many of China’s best-known attractions, including the Imperial Palace, great wall, Beijing Ancient Observatory, the magnificent Heavenly Temple; Tian’anmen Square, beautiful Beihai Park, and Bird’s Nest stadium, etc. Many of the attractions are well-preserved historic city centers.

2. Shanghai:

Shanghai is located in central-eastern China. Shanghai is famous for being the country’s most modern and largest metropolis that offers a diversity of tourist attractions old and new. The 24 million citizens city highlight the Shanghai Museum to the China Art Museum, quiet green spaces, old temples, pagodas, and fine shopping.

This thriving metropolis is known for its clash of architectural styles, incredible local and international cuisine, eclectic nightlife, exotic markets, and fascinating history. While the bank of the Huang-Pujiang River is a reflection of European architecture. You can explore its 468-meter-tall Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower too in this modern incarnation. You can also Book a yacht at Antalya yat kiralama

3. Guangzhou:

Guangzhou is the third one and most populous city in China, after Beijing and Shanghai. Guangzhou is famous for its foreign trade and business and hosts China’s largest trade fair, the Canton Fair. In fact, the religious sights and old architecture also attract tourists, including, Xiguan Residence, museums, libraries, and galleries, while yet in between the seemingly endless skyscrapers and shopping malls, there is also a lot of culture and history to explore.

4. Xi’an:

Xi’an or Changan is one of the largest cities in north-west China. Xi’an is located between the Weihe River in the north and the Qinling Mountains in the south. It had served as the nation’s capital for 13 dynasties for more than 1000 years. It is famous for its historical importance. Xi’an’s history stretches back about 6,000 years.

The most important being the world-famous Terracotta Army. In fact, you can wander the fortifications of the ancient city too, mingle with the locals in the winding alleyways of the Muslim Quarter and Pagoda of the Great Wild Goose that was built in the honor of the Tang Emperor Gaozong.

5. Hong Kong:

Hong Kong is one of the most populated places in the world because it grabs 7.5 million people. It really owes its uniqueness to its rich mix of old and new China, while much of this can be attributed to its colonial past. From the traditional way of life, ancient temples and fascinating street markets to a high-tech center of banking, commerce, modern luxury hotels, and shops.

If you want to appreciate the Hong Kong beauty and traditional attraction, then Book China Southern Airlines Flights and land at the international airport of China’s gigantic city and mesmerized yourself in its stunning tourist attractions and collect the incredible memories.

6. Zhangjiajie:

Zhangjiajie City is located on the west of Hunan Province. In 1992, Wulingyuan was included in the World Heritage by UNESCO. The traveler can visit this city all around the year, but the best time is from September to late October. This place is filled with adventure and thrilling activities. This city has the Wulingyuan District, where Scenic Area is located and awaits the tourists.

This district is a division on the three segments or parts, including, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Tianzi Mountain, and Suoxi Valley Nature Reserve. Most of the visitors stay in the Wulingyuan area instead of the city center due to the famous attraction.

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