6 Must-Have Accessories For Your Segway Ninebot Kids Scooters

If you’ve got little riders zipping around on their Segway or Ninebot electric scooters, you’re already familiar with the joy it brings. But what if you could take that excitement up a notch? That’s where the magic of accessories comes into play. Get ready to explore a universe of must-have accessories designed to make your child’s scooter experience safe and incredibly fun. So, whether you’re a seasoned scooter parent or just starting on this thrilling journey, get ready to discover the world of must-have accessories for your Segway Ninebot kids’ scooters.

1. Helmets

Regarding safety, there’s no room for compromise, and the importance of helmets for children riding Segway scooters can’t be stressed sufficiently. Helmets are the first line of defence towards possible head injuries. They’re the protection net that protects your child’s most important asset – their noggin. Whilst selecting a helmet for your child, choose one that meets protection requirements and fits snugly. Remember a nicely geared-up helmet can distinguish between a minor tumble and a first-rate injury. Investing in a satisfactory helmet for your toddler is no no-brainer. It ensures their safety while allowing them to enjoy the exhilarating experience of riding their Ninebot electric scooter with peace of mind. Safety comes first, always.

2. Protective Gear

Consider adding protective gear to your child’s scooter ensemble to complete the safety package. Knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards are essential accessories that prevent scrapes, bruises, and more severe injuries during falls. Youngsters, specifically beginners, are prone to lose their stability, so having those defensive accessories in the vicinity gives an extra layer of security. Look for secure, adjustable equipment that stays in place even during active play. Those protective accessories are not just about damage prevention; they also give your child the confidence to strive for new hints and maneuvers on their scooter without worrying about getting hurt. Safety gear doesn’t inhibit fun; it enhances it.

3. Reflectors and Lights

Whilst your toddler is out and about on their scooter, especially in the early morning or night, being seen by others is vital. That’s where reflectors and lighting fixtures come into play. Reflectors are like little shining beacons that catch the light and make your child and their scooter visible to others, whether it’s pedestrians, cyclists, or drivers. Reflectors can be attached to the scooter, gear, or clothing for extreme visibility. Lighting, alternatively, is an active way to ensure your toddler’s safety. Many scooters have LED lighting fixtures, but you may also add clip-on lights for additional illumination. Not only do those lights beautify visibility, but they also add a touch of fun to the scooter. Kids love the idea of glowing while they go.

4. Handlebar Streamers

These colourful, fluttering additions seem like fun decorations but offer much more. Handlebar streamers capture kids’ imagination and add a playful touch to their scooters. They love watching the streamers dance in the wind as they zip around. Beyond aesthetics, handlebar streamers can also serve as a form of feedback. When the streamers flutter wildly, it’s a sign that they ride at higher speeds, giving them a tangible connection to their scooter’s performance. For dad and mom, handlebar streamers can easily identify your baby from a distance, specifically in crowded regions like parks or playgrounds. They add an extra layer of visibility, making it less complicated to maintain an eye on your little rider.

5. Belts

Belts won’t be the first factor that comes to mind whilst considering accessorizing a kids’ scooter, but they may be particularly handy. Not just any belts, though; these are specialized belts designed to keep your child safe and secure while riding their Segway Ninebot kids scooter.  These belts typically come in the form of a safety harness or a waist belt with a leash. They attach to the scooter’s handlebars and secure your child, preventing them from accidentally wandering too far from the scooter or losing balance. Safety harnesses ensure that even if your child loses their balance, they won’t fall off the scooter, minimizing the risk of injuries. For parents of younger kids still getting the hang of scootering, these belts offer peace of mind. They allow your child to explore the joys of scootering without straying too far from you or their trusty scooter.

6. Scooter Bag or Basket

Kids are known for their knack for collecting treasures, whether pebbles, leaves, or small toys they find. That’s where a scooter bag or basket comes into play. These nifty accessories provide a convenient storage solution for all those little treasures. A scooter bag or basket attaches to the handlebars or the scooter’s deck, presenting a secure and easily accessible space to stash your baby’s assets. Whether or not it is a water bottle, a favourite toy, or a snack for the journey, having everything inside arm’s reach is a game-changer for children on the ride. Plus, it is not just about comfort. These pieces of luggage and baskets often are to be had in colourful hues and amusing designs, adding a hint of fun to the scooter. Kids love to express themselves, and what better manner to do it than with a funky scooter bag or basket?


Accessorizing is the name of the game when it comes to ensuring a fantastic and safe ride on their Segway Ninebot kids’ scooter. These electric scooters are not just about transportation; they’re about adventure, fun, and the freedom to explore. The right accessories can elevate the experience and make it even more memorable for your little rider. So, whether your child’s scooter is their ticket to school or a source of endless playtime adventures, these accessories make the journey safer, more convenient, and much more fun. Gear up, customize, and watch your child’s scooter rides transform into unforgettable experiences.

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