6 Differences Between Real Human Hair Wig And Artificial Wigs

Real Human Hair Wig And Artificial Wigs

Human Hair Wig! Long already, wigs were worn for stage plays, to hide baldness or hair loss. It had been also an excellent option for people that had thin hair.

However, recently, wigs are becoming a fashion accessory. They’ve been worn by women who were looking to enhance their looks and elegance. Within the world today, even celebrities wear wigs to permit them to vary their outfits and alter their hairstyles without doing any damage to their natural hair.

Currently, there are basically two sorts of wigs on the market, which are human hair wigs and artificial wigs.

Human hair wigs are made up of real human hair, in order that they feel the foremost natural and have numerous benefits. Synthetic wigs, on the opposite hand, are made up of acrylic or plastic fibers that mimic hair. These fibers are usually heated to a particular temperature. Afterward, they’re strung into hairs that appear as if human hair fibers.

Subsequently, tons of individuals tend to be confused when it involves choosing between synthetic wigs and human hair wigs. This text will specialize in the differences between them and also help to point you in the right direction on which is suitable for you.

Here are a number of the differences between human hair wigs and artificial wigs

1. Naturalness/Artificiality

Just as earlier mentioned, human hair wigs are made up of 100% human hair that doesn’t shred or tangle. They’re quality wigs, and most of them accompany baby hairs along their hairline. So, once you wear them, nobody would suspect that you simply are on a wig because these baby hairs look exactly like your edges.

However, synthetic wigs tend to seem tons like quality human hair wigs, but they’re nothing like them. you’ll tell by just touching them as they don’t have an equivalent soft and silky feel. Moreover, thanks to their artificiality, these wigs tend to tangle and shred tons, especially when combed.

2. Style Versatility

Natural human hair wigs provide you with the flexibility to vary your hairstyle the maximum amount as you would like. They are available in various styles like straight, curly, and wavy. You’ll notch up your style with a 360 lace front human hair wig, a lace frontal human hair wig, or a full lace human hair wig.

Moreover, all human hair wigs are often styled with home appliances or rods. You’ll easily alter the design of a straight human hair wig and make it curly, and therefore the same goes for other sorts of human hair wigs. Besides, these wigs are often dyed/ bleached into any color that suits you and may even be styled into updos, ponytails, and cornrows.

Synthetic wigs, on the opposite hand, are often trimmed into a far better or preferable length. However, they don’t provide you with the power to undertake various styles. They’re usually created during a specific style that can’t be changed.

Since they’re made up of plastic, synthetic wigs can’t be heat styled with heating tools, as this might incur damage or cause them to melt.

Also, synthetic wigs can’t be bleached or dyed because they can’t delay the color treatment processes. Their fibers cannot absorb water or other liquid. Thus, if you would like to enjoy various styles using synthetic wigs, you’ll need to purchase tons of them.

3. Longevity

When it involves longevity for quality human hair wigs, how you maintain them plays a serious role. If your human hair wigs are well maintained, it can last for over a year, even with daily usage. If you’re the sort that washes your human hair wig less often, it can even last longer.

More so, the hair follicles of a person’s hair wig are such they run within the same direction. This alone makes them last longer by decreasing tangling and making it tons silkier.

Whereas, synthetic wigs can only last for 3 months if it’s properly maintained. This is often thanks to the fabric they’re made with and the way easily they shred and break. If you ever need a synthetic wig to last just a touch bit longer, you’ll need to leave it unprocessed after purchasing and wash it less.

4. Breathability

Most human hair wigs have a lace base that permits for breathability. So, you’ll conveniently and comfortably wear them for long periods without getting itches. They need pores, in order that they leave the straightforward passage of air.

However, quality human hair wigs also can protect your hair well thanks to the standard lace that they’re made with.

Synthetic wigs are the direct opposite and should not provide enough protection for your hair because most of them accompany regular wig caps that have poor air permeability. So, your scalp may perspire, and you’ll suffer itches.

5. Cost

When it involves cost, human hair wigs are costlier than synthetic wigs. They might cost you tons of cash, but they’re worth every penny thanks to their longevity. As mentioned earlier, human hair wigs can last for years if properly maintained. Thus, in a way, they also prevent the value from hitting the market often.

On the opposite hand, synthetic wigs are less costly and really affordable. Still, you’ll never enjoy the equivalent benefits you’d accompany a natural human hair wig. They could not cost much, but you’ll need to replace them after three months of use or maybe less.

6. Maintainance

Maintaining a person’s hair wig is sort of easy because it is often easily shampooed, blow-dried, and streaked. This helps it look newer, fresher, and cleaner.

Synthetic wigs don’t really require such a lot of maintenance because you’ll destroy them by using too many hair products on them.

Final Thoughts

We have been ready to share thoughts on the differences between human hair wigs and artificial wigs. Also, we’ve found that quality human hair wigs provide tons of advantages over synthetic wigs thanks to their naturalness. If you would like to make magic and have heads turned towards your direction, give human hair wigs an attempt.

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