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5 Reasons To Consider Subway Tiles – Some Useful Tips

We have all seen subway tiles; they are practical, cheap, and minimal. They can go with any model, design, and architecture, be it interior or exterior. All of us assume – since subway tiles are everywhere – that we know all about it. But if asked, no one will be able to answer precisely how and why they are so famous.

That’s why today we are going to resurface some of the established reasons to love the subway tiles and bring some new ones to make you appreciate subway tiles more.

Its Origin

Subway tiles were first used below ground in New York City’s subway operation. In 1904, two designers – George C. Heins and Grand La Farge – were instructed to create something that would keep things tidy and hygienic with a sense of familiarity and security.

They came up with tiles that had somewhat curved edges and a glazed look. And the story of subway tiles had started. It kept the very crowded place simple, healthful, and bright.

Rise to Popularity

Subway tiles and its rise to popularity is closely linked with hygiene, just like it was the reason behind its inception. People loved the clean, white, stainless look it gave. It reflected light and had a glossy finishing, which helped it gain more focus.

People started adapting to these tiles in places hygiene was the first choice; kitchen, bathroom, butcher shop, etc. These same elements today make the subway tiles the perfect choice for modern interiors and exteriors.

Why You Should Still Consider Subway Tiles

Like everything else in the world, subway tiles, too, have come a long way. It’s not just famous because of its old perks, but the new ones that it has to offer.

1. Bright Hues

It’s normal to think about subway tiles as just those contemporary white, shiny, clean-look tiles. In truth, there are wide varieties of colors available today when it comes to subway tiles.

If you want a brick themed kitchen, you can always opt for that by choosing colorful subway tiles for the backsplash of your kitchen. Glass subway tile is a great example of this!

2. Dizzying Patterns

Like the typical white color of subway tiles, its brick-like shape has been stamped to its name. It’s far from the truth, though. These tiles are now available in an array of patterns, sizes, and shapes.

Chances are, you are used to seeing subway tiles laid in a horizontal manner. Now, for the sake of style, the trend is to implement laying tiles in geometric L, herringbone, and vertical shape.

3. Transcendent Glass

Subway tiles are usually made in porcelain or ceramic. The recent development in the industry has brought us subway tiles in the glass. It gives the already glossy subway tiles a cleaner, shinier, bold look.

My personal favorite use of glass tiles is perhaps dark blue glass subway tiles in a laundry room with clean white cabinets. It can definitely be implemented in bathrooms and kitchens as well.

4. Test of Time

There are many tile trends and styles out there which are likely to die within a year or so. Following these trends could prove to be costly as they come and go. But, the only thing constant about subway tiles is that it’s been proven to withstand the test of time.

So, if you wanna avoid here-today-gone-tomorrow tiles that come up with every new trend, subway tiles should be your choice. Trust me, you will never be disappointed.

5. Pocket Friendly

The best thing about subway tiles is that you can get your desired style within a friendly budget. The pocket-friendly nature of subway tiles has inspired many to use tiles somewhere they wouldn’t consider spending money, to begin with.

An excellent example of this is when I saw in my friend’s house how he utilized a small storage space with subway tiles. The white brick-like room gives a clean, simple vibe. In a nutshell, the cheap and budget-friendliness of subway tiles inspire creativity.

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