5 Important Phone Training Tips For Your Employees

As a business owner, you likely know how important it is to train your employees well. After all, the first interaction your customers have is with your workers. A phone conversation might be the first impression of your business that a new customer gets. So, you need to make sure your employees are well-trained in phone skills.

1. Give a Proper Greeting

The employee answering the phone should always extend a pleasant greeting. He or she should be friendly throughout the call. He or she should sound enthusiastic and appreciative of the customer’s call. To ensure a proper greeting is given each time, you can ask your employees to use a scripted one.

2. Avoid Placing Customers on Hold

No one likes being placed on hold. It makes customers feel that they are wasting their time, and they may get frustrated by the lack of communication. Employees should avoid placing a person on hold as much as possible. If you find that there are too many calls coming in to answer them all properly, consider getting Ooma phone services to help you add a line.

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3. Respond to Messages Promptly

An employee should check phone messages every morning. Calls should be returned promptly. Customers need to know that you value their time as much as your own. If you do not respond in a reasonable time frame, your customer may take his or her business elsewhere. Good communication is an important part of business operations.

4. Ask for Contact Information

If the employee is taking a message from a customer, he or she needs to write down important contact information. He or she should record the client’s name, preferred phone number, and a summary of what the call is regarding. This helps clarify things for whoever returns the call later.

5. End the Call Pleasantly

Like the greeting of a call, the closing is very important. The employee should recap what was discussed during the call and how your business is going to help. The worker should always ask if the customer has any additional questions or concerns. The client should never feel that the employee is rushing him or her off the call.

Phone skills are an art that takes time to master. To help your employees answer your lines effectively, consider these ways to train them. When your workers feel confident answering the phone, they will be better able to serve your customers.

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