5 Best Video Editor Tools for Facebook

Video can help you get your message across to your audience like nothing else. There are many different kinds of videos you can use to promote your business or service. But one of the most effective on Facebook is the use of video ads. In fact, you can use various layouts to help you create an epic video ad. This will drive traffic and lead to your website or landing page. If you’re looking to increase your Facebook video marketing efforts, you’ll want to consider using one of these five best video editor tools for Facebook.

1) Video Maker

Promo is a video maker, editor, and uploader. It lets you make videos right on your desktop with its drag-and-drop feature. When the video is ready, Promo can automatically share them to all your favourite social media sites.

If you want to edit videos, it also has multiple effects which let you spice up your video before you post it online. You can even customise background music and add subtitles if desired. It’s a simple video editor that provides pretty much everything you need. If you have some video editing experience under your belt or are willing to give it a shot, then Promo should be on top of your list of video makers.

The Promo video maker will allow you to make basic videos in a snap. You’ll only need to load your media file and select an output option and that’s it. It supports all popular social media sites and files including YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vine, Instagram, and many more.

It can also upload videos automatically to various social sites as well as provide fast conversions of media formats so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. To start making quick videos with Promo, simply drag-and-drop your media file onto its main window. There are plenty of supported inputs including audio tracks and image files, making it easy to add existing content into your movie.

2) Shotcut

This free video editor works with all three major operating systems and has a great cross-platform interface. While there are not as many features as some of its pricier competitors, Shotcut is a good tool if you’re on a budget and want to do more than just cut videos together.  You can also use it to convert files for YouTube or Vimeo, or even check out your webcam footage. Best of all, it’s completely free. The interface may be straightforward, but you’ll find all of your basic video editor controls.

3) Avidemux

The Avidemux video maker is an open-source tool that’s great for beginners. It has everything you need to edit your raw footage into a feature-length film, although it can be a little cumbersome when processing videos with multiple clips.

Also, there are tons of plug-ins to add all kinds of effects and other functionality, so it’s possible to create an even more custom experience in post-production. This one is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems but also works on Linux with some extra work.

The tool has been around since 2002 and is constantly being updated. As such, it has a huge support community where you can get help if you run into problems or have questions about how something works.

4) Lightworks

Lightworks video maker is a powerful tool that helps you turn your camcorder footage into a Hollywood-style movie. This software has a clean interface and some of the best editing tools on Windows and Mac. Use its stock effects to create truly cinematic videos or leverage advanced features like motion tracking and colour correction with keyframe control. You can edit your videos in HD, or export them directly to YouTube, Facebook, or other social media outlets.

5) Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X video maker will allow you to create stunning videos with ease. The new versions come equipped with a redesigned interface, new effects, and all of your favourite editing tools like transitions, titles, themes and audio elements. With Final Cut Pro X you can edit H.264, AVCHD, and MXF files without difficulty. This software offers amazing capabilities that allow you to create professional-quality videos in minutes without learning how to use complicated software.

Final Word

There are many video maker tools on today’s market, so picking just 5 can be difficult. But through our research, we were able to narrow down a list of great video editing tools that can make your social media marketing more fun and engaging.

My Final word: Have fun with it! Use these tools as a way to get creative and stand out from your competition. After all, there is no limit on how many photos or videos you can post on social media! A video maker will allow you to edit your videos to perfection.

These five apps are great to use when putting together branded or promotional videos for your business and can make it easy to get started with any type of social media campaign. Just about anyone can learn how to use them, which is a huge bonus in terms of efficiency and convenience. And lastly, these editors are incredibly affordable compared to paying someone thousands of dollars.


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