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4 Tips To Make Your House More Desirable To Buy

If you are putting your home on the market and looking to sell it quickly and for a decent price, there may be some key things that you can do to make it more of a staged home; desirable and inviting to anyone that visits. You can also enjoy a new space for a little while before you move on to your next home.

Make it smell good

Sense of smell can be very undervalued, but it is actually extremely important, especially in a home where dogs or young children are present. Before someone viewing the property even takes in the visuals, they will immediately smell if something is off. Changing the scent of your home is an easy change to make that could help with first impressions. Try giving the carpets and soft furnishings a good clean and then bringing in new, more pleasant odors using slow-releasing natural fragrances. For example, from flowers, scented candles, baked goods, and fabric softeners. It is easy to not recognize a bad scent in your own home, so it could be worth bringing in a friend that does not live with you to smell the before and after scent and tell you if you have missed anything.

Get rid of clutter

As hard as it is to hear, you probably have a lot of junk that is cluttering your home and ruining any visual impression of the space available. Those viewing the property do not want to see your novelty ornaments or kids’ toys. If you want to provide an image of a spacious property, then consider storing your extra possessions in self storage. This can be very affordable and should be seen as an investment to a faster and more valuable property sale.

Go neutral

As cliché as it is, time after time, it has been proven that neutral colors are a much faster way to an offer on a property than the bright and bold colors that you probably love. This is because it makes the property seem easier to move into or lease right away and appeals to a much wider audience for its design possibilities. It also just warms up a home and makes it feel more welcoming. Neutral colors include different shades of brown, white, and grey.

Talk to the neighbors

Before your potential buyers even get into the property, they could be quickly put off buying because of the residing properties. If your neighbors have messy gardens or a house in need of repairs, it can create a bad impression, as buyers will assume that they are not considerate neighbors to be next to. No one wants to move next door to a neighbor that could be troublesome.

Depending on the situation, it could be useful to delicately raise any issues with a neighbor directly before putting the house on the market. If it is a simple problem, such as a broken fence or untidy garden, it can be a clever idea to offer to help or put funds or labor towards resolving the issue. In this situation, your neighbor will probably be glad to help you and benefit from it as well.

If you put all the above steps in place, you are bound to have your hands full with valuable offers in no time at all.

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