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3 Interesting Promotional Ads By Platform

Below, we will introduce interesting promotional advertisements that have become a hot topic on YouTube, TV, Instagram, and Twitter.

We will also answer questions such as “Why is the advertisement interesting?” And “How can I use it as a reference?”

YouTube →

YouTube is a video sharing platform where you can enjoy a lot of videos. In recent years, we have noticed features such as a large number of users and the wide range of users, and many companies are using it as a means of promotion.

According to Nielsen, as of March 2019, the number of YouTube users has exceeded 1.9 billion worldwide.

On YouTube, long-form video is expected to be the trend for 2020.

A long-form video is a video that is about 1 to 3 minutes longer than a normal TV commercial.

  • Attract the attention of the viewer
  • You can create images with a strong message and story.
  • Empathize the viewer

It has the feature. Long-form videos are very interesting, and it is possible to deepen the viewer’s understanding of products and services while embracing the viewer in the video.

Also, if you use the short movie format, you can incorporate products and services into the story in an interesting and original way.

  • Dove

The world-famous cosmetics maker Dove also used this long-form video to promote it. This video has a strong message that embraces Dove’s main target, “women.”

The story begins with an FBI sketch artist writing a caricature over a curtain, as informed to describe a woman herself. The sketch artist then begins writing a portrait of the same person, this time based on explanations from those around him.

And if you put the two caricatures you have finished writing side by side, you can see that the second one has a much more beautiful finish than the first one.

The woman who saw this result cried, “Am I considered so beautiful by others?”

Dove has gained a lot of sympathy and support from female users through this video with a strong message. It showed how much Dove understands the pressures and anxieties women feel in modern society, giving viewers the confidence that “Dave understands women.”

  • TV commercial → Apple

The world-famous maker Apple is well-strategic for its promotion and always organizes “interesting promotional ads.”

In 2006, we launched a commercial called “Get a Mac” that emphasizes the superiority of the Mac over Windows PCs.

In the business departments of American universities, even as of 2019, it is still a commercial that can be used as a reference. Apple founder Steve Jobs was involved in the production, and this commercial is packed with the essence of video advertising.

In this commercial, we will anthropomorphize Macs and Windows PCs and show you how much better Macs are than PCs.

In Japan, the comedy duo Rahmens appeared and aired from December 12, 2006, and became a hot topic as “Mac-Kun and PC-Kun”. Episodes that were not in the American version have also been added.

Through this commercial, Apple has successfully appealed to those who are wondering whether to buy a Microsoft PC or Mac.

  • Instagram → Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein, an American apparel maker, has launched a number of interesting promotional ads that are gaining public attention.

In 2016, the brand launched a global campaign called “#MyCalvins” on Instagram to launch a youth-oriented design and uniqueness. I asked many celebrities such as Hollywood stars, models, and musicians to wear Calvin Klein’s clothes and underwear, and in the sentence “I wear Calvin and do XX. (I ___ in #mycalvins.)” It is a plan to have ○○ filled.

▼ Justin Bieber (musician) “I dream in #mycalvins (I dream in Calvin)”

By making good use of the hashtag “#mycalvins”, we have succeeded in attracting attention and lowering the hurdles for the general public to participate in the campaign.

As of 2019, Instagram has 733,501 posts with the hashtag “#mycalvins”.

The latest trends in interesting promotions and advertising are videos

As of 2019, the number of companies producing promotional videos is steadily increasing.

The main advantage of using business video makers for product/service advertisements is that the viewer’s awareness can be focused on the content of the product/service rather than the commercial itself.

When the content of the service is complicated and difficult to convey, or when making a video explaining the product, you can use animation videos to create simple and easy-to-understand videos that remove unnecessary noise.


  • Have various types
  • Can reflect delicate features
  • Become an eye-catching element on the page

It has features such as.

A business video maker is the best for interesting promotions!

According to Mango Animate’s announcement, videos have the following promotional effects in addition to the features.

  • Viewer retention rate is 80%( percentage of viewers watching the video to the end)
  • + 15%more likely to remain in the viewer’s memory than usual
  • More than double VR (contract rate)
  • 3 times the diffusion rate (share rate)

The Business Video Maker lets you create a video for your next business campaign that can help you in creating the best and engaging content like a pro with very ease and moreover it is available for free. Numerous readymade templates that can be customized are the best part that can save your lots of effort and time. So, do not worry about creating an engaging video for your business and do it in just a few minutes like a champ.

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