3 Best 2D Animation Software’s That You Need To Use

Whilst creating animated content, whether it’s cartoons or simple explainer videos presenting information to the viewers. However, it is evident that as an animator 2D animation software is only going to come in handy, allowing you to craft intricate visuals that will enhance your connection between you and your viewers.

No matter what, there will be a point where you will seek a 2D animation software’s assistance. And without it, adding emotions and life to imagery is not easy, almost impossible.

In case you are new to the animation industry and are still searching for strategies that can improve your works potential then it is best that you go through the 3 best software mentioned below.

3 Top tier software’s for 2D animation

1. Synfig:

This software is free of cost and has more than 50 layers to choose from. The animator can opt to craft their animation process on both simple and advanced levels based on their personal choice and skills. The best thing about this software is that there are no confinements or restraints that cause hindrances.

The tool offers guidance to newbies who have just entered the world of animation, enabling them to seek assistance from tutorials and create animations accordingly. Another feature regarding this 2D software is that it has two versions to it. One that is known as sable whilst the other one is testing, the latter is primarily for experimenting. However, testing is better for artists who have managed to develop a stronghold within animations and have a significant grasp on animating.

When it comes to the elements of this software, it allows multiple layers to be set down for an animated video. The animator can easily make use of cutout animations to create entire video content and apart from that, audio can be added to the content.

2. Opentoonz:

Opentoonz is another free of cost 2D animation maker software that works well on Windows and OSX. The plugin can be used to create highly aesthetic visual imagery that stands out from other tools. However, the UI design that this tool uses can be labeled as outdated but nevertheless, it does not cause issues for the animator whilst they create their content.

Opentoonz can easily be sought as one of the best 2D animation creating software, especially since it is very easy to use. One does not require years of experience in animating or special training to handle this software. The best feature is that its source code can be altered as per the requirements of the content and the animator to add additional features within the software.

It comes along with a GTS scanning tool along with an option that changes pictures styles, light effects can easily be added, and offers a variety of elements to tailor exceptional animated videos.

3. Maefloresta:

Maefloresta is an amazing 2D animation software that does not charge a penny and offers assistance to many artists free of cost. It can be used on gadgets belonging to different operating systems and that is android and iPhone both. The main highlight of this tool is that it can be used by artists of all levels, even kids to highly professional animators and that is due to its easily accessible features and usability.

In order to obtain the software, the individual is required to get in touch with the staff through email and once the permission has been granted, the software can be downloaded without hindrances. One of the major aspects of this tool is that it is smartphone friendly, you do not require to carry heavy gadgets everywhere but can simply use it through your mobile phone.

With this highly professional tool, you do not need any other software since it has a lot to offer. It is safe to assume that this tool is best for people seeking ways to deliver information through fun and engaging mediums. Tutorials can be sought after to get a hang of this tool, given how intuitive the interface is, making all functions comprehensible for beginners.

These three 2D animation software are one of the best ones in the industry. Not only are they being used by the professionals but they are depended upon to deliver us the imagery we witness on a daily basis. You can create exciting animations by making use of this software and gain a significant positioning against your competitors.

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