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10 Fastest Growing Careers In The Medical Field

If you are looking for a new career, there is no better field than the healthcare industry. As a growing field with unlimited opportunities ranging from medical billing and coding specialists to physicians and surgeons, there is something for everyone.

Before you target a specific career path, you may wish to consider its growth rate; that is, the number of new jobs that are expected to be added over the near future. Experts expect that the healthcare industry will create more than 2.6 million new jobs in the next decade alone.

Here are seven fast-growing career paths to consider.

1. Medical Billing and Coding

Medical billing and coding specialists translate patients’ health data into codes for the insurance industry so that bills can be paid appropriately. Training to enter the medical billing and coding field can take as little as four weeks, and the role offers the opportunity to work in many settings, including at home.

2. Physical Therapy Assistant

Physical therapy assistants work with patients to help them regain strength and mobility after illness or injury. PTAs must have a college degree and be licensed by their state; once these credentials are acquired there are plenty of places to pursue your career, from hospitals to therapy centers and even in-home care.

3. Medical Assistant

While medical billing and coding does not allow for patient contact, medical assistants work directly with patients by measuring vital signs, assisting during physical exams, and processing medical tests. While some opportunities desire postsecondary education, not all do. If you enjoy helping people this may be a good role for you.

4. Phlebotomy Technician

Phlebotomy technicians are blood draw specialists. This role requires a professional certification that encompasses both classroom and clinical experiences. Job opportunities include working in a doctor’s office, hospital, or blood draw center.

5. Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists work with patients who are injured or disabled and help them learn how to perform everyday activities like feeding themselves or getting dressed. This role requires an advanced degree; if the work is appealing but the schooling is too onerous, perhaps an OT assistant certification would be an attractive option.

6. Social and Human Service Assistants

Professionals in this role help connect patients with resources and services that they need to support their healthcare conditions. Responsibilities could include helping a cancer patient find a treatment center; helping a substance abuser to find a rehabilitation facility; helping a diabetic to find a nutritional counselor. If you like helping people and problem-solving, this position could be a perfect fit for you.

7. Medical and Health Service Managers

These managers make healthcare organizations run efficiently. Tasks may include document management, budget preparation and implementation, or office management. With the growth of the use of electronic health records, this role is becoming even more important for the day-to-day operations of many different health services. If you enjoy being highly organized this is a great role for you.

With the healthcare industry growing so quickly, considering a career like medical billing and coding is a smart idea. There are roles to fit every personality and help everyone achieve high levels of success.

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