10 Best 3D Slicer Of 2022

You are here, it means probably you’ve bought a 3D printer, or you may be keen on the 3D designing world. Before taking you into the world of 3D slicing software, let me introduce you to the basics of slicing.

A 3D slicer acts as a mediator between 3D design and a 3D printer to create a set of geometric codes or geometric paths. By understanding these codes, the 3D printer creates a model replica. Basically, a 3D printer can’t transmute a designed model directly into a print. Therefore, you need software to import your model into G-Code file format.

So, 3D slicer or slicing software plays a pivotal role between 3D models and 3D printers. It converts selected versions of the 3D model into a set of geometric codes (G- Code) recognized by the 3D printer. Whether they are files for 3D printing or laser cutting, a slicer will handle your files.

 Here, we are going to assist you in familiarizing yourself with the top 10 best 3D slicing software of 2021, including free as well as cost-effective paid slicing software. They are:

  • SelfCAD
  • Cura
  • Octoprint
  • Astroprint
  • Ideamaker
  • Repetier
  • Kisslicer
  • Simplify 3D
  • Pathio
  • CraftWare


3D slicer

SelfCAD is a versatile 3D modeling software that includes designing, technical and 3D printing under one roof of a 3D modeling software tool. SelfCAD has its own cloud-based 3D slicing software, which doesn’t require downloads. Only you need an internet connection to edit your 3D model.

Easy to operate, with beginners friendly, you can quickly gear your 3D model to 3D printing via its inbuilt slicing software, which allows you to have advanced print preparation controls. With a detailed layer preview, you can get information about the usage of material, calculate your print timings, and easily detect usual mistakes like layers height, percentage of infill density, etc.


  • No download is required. You can directly edit your STL file.
  • The paid version provides you with astonishing and powerful features of editing.
  • You can easily view infill structures.

Pricing: you can take free ten days the trial version in which you will get access with limited tools

Paid: $14.99 per month.


3D slicer  

3D Model Created Using Cura. Image Source: ResearchGate

Cura is one of the most renowned and leading slicers in the 3D printing tool market, developed and owned by Ultimaker, leading in the open-source community. This slicer provides you with different tools to break your 3D model into different coordinates through which you can calculate your print timings and easily detect your mistakes.

It supports different 3D formats like STL, X2D, 3MF, OBJ, JPJ, PNG, etc. It can also access a third-party plugin. Befitted for beginners as well as professionals, this software is available in both free and paid versions. Operating systems like Windows and iOS easily support its graphics.


  •  It is versatile and user-friendly.
  • Fast graphics interface.
  • Experienced users can easily import from third parties.


  • Cura doesn’t provide varieties of customization.

Price:  It is free of cost.



3D Model Created Using Octoprint. Image Source: 3D Printer

Octoprint is another versatile 3D slicing software that operates your 3D printer and accesses you to analyze and control it from its web browser. It is a free and open-source  3D slicer that harmonizes with Raspberry Pi, MAC, and Linux operating systems.

Suitable for beginners and professionals that provide you with wireless printing. It allows you to send G-Codes remotely and maintain external temperature.


  •  Comes with a G.Code viewer.
  •  Provides cloud slicing.
  •  Has an open-source community.

Price: It is free of cost.


Image of Astroprint Models. Image Source: LinkedIn

Astroprint is another 3D slicing software that developed similar to that of OctoPrint. It works on a web browser with Raspberry Pi and pcDuino systems. You can easily monitor your 3D printer remotely from any device connected to the internet.

Astroprint has two modes, viz advanced and straightforward modes. In simple terms, you will get the tools to choose the desired section and quality before sending it to the 3D printer. You can manipulate the tools set in advance modes to get excellent results.


  • Can be easily monitored remotely.
  • Completely open-source.

Price: It is free of cost.



Ideamaker is another versatile 3D slicer in the bag of the best 3D slicing software. Developed by Raise3D, Ideamaker is one of the best user-friendly and versatile software. It will give you another wings of experience when you use its own 3D printer, Raise3D. It can also harmonize its work with other FDM 3D printers.

Ideamaker gives you authority to view the cross-section of your model. You can easily analyze your 3D model in 3D coordinates. Automatic support generation, auto layout for multiple files, and many more features assist you in simplifying your 3D slicing. Ideamaker allows you to slice intricate models.


  • It is easy to use.
  • Very beginner-friendly.


  • Not very popular.

 Pricing: It is free of cost.


Repetier is one of the most advanced 3D slicing software, which is available in both free as well as paid versions. If you have updated your slicing skills from beginner to intermediate and want to be in an open-source framework, then Repetier must be in your option.

Like Octoprint and Astroprint, Repetier offers you remote access features through the Repetier server. You can access it from anywhere on your device. It is designed for all in one solution. You can plug in a third party or multi-slicer through a plugin. It also works with other FDM 3D printers available in the market.


  • Most renowned open-source slicing software.
  • Print quality is much better than other 3D slicers.


  • Not beginner-friendly.


Free: It provides you with 14 days of free trial in which you can test all pro features.

Paid: $17 per month.


Kisslicer is another advanced 3D slicing software. The free version is generally for novices who want to learn and practice the basics. The complete tool powers come with the paid version of kisslicer only. However, Kisslicer is not a renowned advanced 3D slicing software like others. We keep it on the list of best 3D slicing software because it possesses some extra slicing tools that can be very useful to you in complex slicing.

Kisslicer allows you to access multiple STL files into one print. It can be a worthy option (not for amateurs) to get the best slicings.


  • It can generate a G-Code minimum amount of settings.
  • You can combine multiple files into one print.


  • Not beginner-friendly.
  • Very complex working.

Pricing: pro- $35 per month.

Premium- $40 per month.

Simplify 3D

Simplify3D is another advanced 3D slicing software specially designed for professionals. It can support any operating system like iOS. Windows also connect virtually with all 3D printers. The most advantageous term in this slicing software is that the owner of this company has partnered with different printer companies worldwide. Even if you don’t have a relevant company printer, you can easily connect it virtually. 

Simplify 3D provides you with a preprint option to analyze and test your readied print easily. If you don’t identify problems manually, it can automatically find design mistakes minutely and solve them. 


  • It has wide varieties and overwhelming tools options.
  • Harmonize with any 3D printer.
  • User-friendly interface.


  • It is not available in the free version.

Pricing: You can buy it for $140 for two computer licenses.


A 3D slicing software specially designed by 3D printing experts to figure out 3D slicing effectively. This software is available free in beta form. It provides a multitude of features and tools if you go with its pro version.

The most prominent feature that Pathio provides is it allows you to configure each group of models if you want to.


  • It allows you to access each group by dividing it into groups.
  • Very cost-effective software.


  • The Beta version doesn’t provide you with many tools to access your 3D model.               

Pricing: You can get its free version in beta form.

Paid: You can ask their community.


If you don’t want to spend money and color your hands with the best unpaid 3D slicer, then CraftWare would be the best alternative. It is one of those 3D slicers that can harmonize with any FDM 3D printer. A colorful, user-friendly interface and easy-to-operate CraftWare provided you with features like interactive print management and G-Code Visualizer. You can even view your model in 360 to identify any mistakes.

CraftWare is algorithm-based 3D slicing software that can create the best tool path for a 3D printer.


  • It is the best alternative to paid 3D slicing software.
  • Equipped with plenty of tools and features like other paid versions


  • Print quality is not as good as a paid 3D slicer.

Pricing: It is free of cost.

We hope you find the article illuminating and handy. Drop us a line if you have any suggestions or doubts. We’ll get back to you in a jiffy!

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