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May 27, 2020

Getting My First 100 Subscribers On YouTube (Case Study)

With the increasing trend of YouTube, most of the people are drawn towards content creation. YouTube not only presents different genres of content daily but it is also responsible for bringing forward our favourite social media influencers.

Now, the recurring question in a new creator’s mind would be ‘how to increase their subscriber count’. Here we are mentioning 10 ways through which you can increase your subscriber count effectively.

Youtube Subscribers Buying

Many times channel subscribers do not increase. So, for channel growth, you can purchase subscribers from here These are permanent subscribers which will also interact with your channel videos.

Frequent Uploading

Frequently uploading your content keeps you in the audience’s eyes every time they visit YouTube. Not being regular can possibly erase your content from their memory resulting in loss of subscribers. Thus, posting videos on a regular basis proves to be useful for the creator.

Longer Videos

Viewers usually lookup for videos that contain quality. Adding quality to your videos also elongates your videos’ timestamp. It is generally seen that the audience is more drawn towards longer content than the shorter ones.  Therefore, you might want to give this method a try.

Smart Editing

Smart editing not only enhances the way your video looks but also gives a great cinematic touch to the content which eventually grabs more eyes than a plain content does. Videos with special editing are considered to be more engaging and bring back a good subscriber count.


Interactions on YouTube come in the form of Q&As, live streaming and also frequently replying to the viewers’ comments. These interactions bring your personality a lot closer to the audience and they feel more connected to you as compared to the creators who stay aloof.

Right Keywords

Keywords play a much stronger role in bringing your audience than you think a simple knowledge of search engine operation Can attract good traffic towards your content. As YouTube is owned by Google, this keyword tactic can put up your video on search results much faster than any other hack.

Eye-catching Thumbnails

It is a well-known fact that the human mind is easily attracted to pictures and is quick to respond to the same. This basic psychology proves that your thumbnails can pull a greater lot of views and subscribers in possibly no time.

Beginning with suspense

The first 5 seconds of your video can also pull the audience’s interest in the rest of the video. With small suspense in the first clip, you can engage the audience to look out for the climax. This ends up in boosting the viewers’ interest in your content


With annotations on videos, you can link your other videos in each video to keep the viewers hooked to your content. This way they go through more of your content and gain interest.  As the viewers see more of your content they eventually subscribe to you as well.

Adding a Watermark

Adding watermark in YouTube videos helps in suggesting people to easily subscribe to your channel while cancelling their hassle to visit your profile. Once their hassle is cancelled, your subscriber count increases. This short trick takes absolutely no time and can boost your content.


Collaborating with already established creators exposes you and your content to their audience as well. This way you get more exposure among the unexplored viewers. This shift of views increases your goodwill as a creator thereby increasing your subscriber count.

These were the top 10 ways that can possibly help you in doing what you really love to do without being in a state of dilemma. Happy creating!

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